Go-Go Gadget!

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Grabbin a bite at the local cafe pre-ride and heard some shit come flying up. The usual roadie hangout awash in prima donas clad in Assos, coffee cache riders, and recumbants seemed agast. WTF is that? Torn from a scene of Inspector Gadget, this douche comes tearing up on his bike with a propellar pack.


Dude averages 25mph and gets 80 mpg on this hawg! Shit, for the right price he’ll even customize your very own Thrustpac. Jesus…

Fun… Zoom past gridlock! Go to work, do chores, visit stores or see the country-

side effortlessly. Crowds will gather and people will stop and stare.

Revolutionary… By applying power directly to YOU, ThrustPac has

created an entirely new concept in transportation. The result is a unique, efficient

and versatile form of travel.

Srsly? WTF mang?

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Another cyclist toiling away in graduate school. Go figure. Tucson, Arizona, USA

23 thoughts on “Go-Go Gadget!

  1. Seems kind of cool, for the sake of being unique. I can’t imagine anyone who’s looking for a cheap, practical motorized bike setup would want to go this route though… those 2-cycle-engine bikes I see people on all over Tucson probably average about the same speed and they don’t have to wear a big heavy pack to do it. I guess it could be considered versatile in that you can strap it on and use any bike you own. Still, though, it seems a bit ridiculous. Jesus, I just realized he has a cable routed down his arm.

    Is that outside of Le Buzz in Tucson. That’s definitely not a place I’d want to be seen all Fredded out and with an overpowered fan strapped to my back.

  2. i thought i’d have something whitty right off the batt for this one but now find myself at a loss of words… or rather unable to arrange the words into a communicable form. i’ll try again later.

  3. But can you clean up the leaves in the backyard with a cheap motorized engine on your bike? And does your moped have a fan for motorpacing? That is definitely the way to go!

  4. He looks bitchin’ fast with his Converse and platform pedals, so he can, you know, drag his foot through the turns.

  5. The name “ThrustPac” could have been used more effectively in an X-rated genre.

  6. check out the videos on the website. the thing is loud as piss. peter has got the right idea, eat some beans and fart your way up the hill. wordup.

  7. DOUCHE! DOUCHE! DOUCHE! Why in the hell do people keep trying to attach a petroleum based engine to a bicycle? Why? If I saw that guy on the bike trail, I would give him the cursing of his pudgy middle aged life. No engines! Get it?

  8. I wonder how well it works without a bike. Would running with the thing make it like running with a tailwind or would it just be running with a heavy, noisy backpack?

  9. Ha! That is funny. Nice write-up too. Would be good training to strap this to Snake’s back and let him motorpace the group ride… :P

  10. What a mess. Two-cycle engines are badly polluting and terrible for the environment. Plus the noise… bad. Want a fast bike, try one of these:
    They do 35 mph with pedaling and are nearly silent.

  11. “Any weak ass bitch can turn a pedal.”

    Apparently, not like Cavendish. Only way to stop that kid is with a 12-gauge. Tyler comes second AGAIN on another second-rate leadout from Garmin. I dunno, maybe it’s just that Columbia’s leadout is so goddamn good.

    I’m out for a quick fifty-miler up to Canada and back. Wish me luck, I’m riding alone in the back woods without a cell phone. Awoo.