The weekend starts now

The Cascade Cream Puff hits off this weekend. I’ll be now where near it, as per usual. But a few folks I know will be right in the mix. My man KNob is doing it for the tenth time. That’s right – he never learns. And, interestingly enough, my man Yod told me recently his son is doing it for the first time.

How about that? Pretty cool, I think.

I hope all ya’ll have a great race. I will think of you as I sip cocktails over at Sky Harbor. Yep, I’m flying up out this hellish Phoenix summer for a week back east. I need to see something, um, green. This place is the brown frown. I’m going to swim laps in Yuengling, cheese steaks and soft pretzels. Any bet on how much weight I can gain? I say 5 pounds, easy. 10 would be a tall order. But I’m not one to back down from a challenge.

Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place

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3 thoughts on “The weekend starts now

  1. WTF?!!?! I lol’d and rofl’d until my MILF came in and told me to STFU or I’d have to GTFO.


  2. …wow…the fire is still there…the passion, the drive, the striving for greatness…

    …it’s like he never left, the way he’s kicking ass…willing, able & poised before the camera, carrying that important message to the world…

    …thank god the sham-wow guy is back on the tour broadcasts…

    …& on top of that, i guess sometimes a guy just has to slap/chop a bitch…

    …just sayin’…