“330 for 30 minutes…”

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Saw this article over at velonews.com and my eyes went cross. Fired off an email to my man Snake. He’s a coach, seems to know what he’s doing, and has a whole lot more familiarity with the concept of watts/power outputs than I do. Of course, a brick knows more than I do about most subjects. But that is, as they say, another story.

I asked him, simply, “you want to explain this in the King’s English?”

From: Snake
Yeah basically those two guys were riding at max there at the end. For the last 30k or so they averaged 31 mph. So think about that into a cross wind and you’re going full stick and you’re already 100 miles into the day. Most people look at that and go hey I can average 330 for 30 minutes. Sure at the start of a ride if your rested. But can you do it at the end of 100 miles when the shit is hitting the fan. No.

One word describes this.


Get your ass to the front in the cross winds. They all knew it was coming. Earn your money bitch, get to the front.

He later added:

Anyone that thinks they can do that shit is wrong.

Get them a plain white T shirt with the word “FAIL” on it.

One thing I’ve always liked about that cat – he calls it like he sees it.

The Tour has been off the hook. Today’s climb to Arcalis was crazy! Remember when Ullrich rocked that beast in 1997 and took the yellow jersey?

Jan Ullrich storming Andorra

God Bless the Dope Show.

Has Contador gone rouge Sarah Palin style?

Asked if Contador’s move had been pre-arranged, Armstrong said, “That wasn’t really to the plan, but I didn’t expect him to go by the plan, so [it was] no surprise.”
Source: cyclingnews.com/news/contadors-attack-not-part-of-astana-plan

Speaking of which, this guy RoadRash911 completely nailed it over at podiumcafe.com. Oh, the horror.

Another piece definitely worth your time is Tour de France, cycling a clash of cultures for Americans, Europeans, by Alexander Wolff of SI.com. Read it twice.

From: Ben T.
Spokane Local, Joe Perrizo. We hooked up yesterday at 8 am and hit the skatepark for 40 mins before he had to go to work. The things you can do in less than an hour.

Kid flows supreme. He is the polar opposite of our own Husky Midget.

Sarah Palin link dump (she is the gift that keeps on giving):

Time interviews Palin: time.com
Dodging an Alaskan Bullet: washingtonpost.com
Palin in 2016: riehlworldview.com
The persecution of Sarah Palin (yeah, right…): saundramcdavid.com
Lost in translation: slate.com
The 3 million dollar meme: henkimaa.com
Alaska reacts to Sarah Palin’s resignation (Fresh Air feed): npr.org

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11 thoughts on ““330 for 30 minutes…”

  1. Let’s see….Ullrich pulls on the front for several minutes and then rides Richard Virenque an admitted doper off his wheel to win….Doped to the gills. Mofo’s hematacrit would prob make Riis look like a nun.

  2. I think it’s safe to say that one thing I will never have the balls to attempt is a backflip in a bowl of concrete. Sick.

    And Im not sure, but it sounds a little like some of you guys think Lance Livestrong is on the “dope”.

    I know for a fact that cancer made him win. Get cancer and you’ll see.

    Ive been scraping the window sills of my 1940s era bungalow and mixing the resulting flakes in with my cereal every morning.

    Look for me to take the tour in 2010.

    100% clean of course.

  3. …dear alberto:– saw you layin’ down some pain in spain in the high peaked terrain today…lookin’ good, ‘berto, lookin’ good…nice for the espana homies n’ all but mr armstrong & mr liephiemer later mentioned that yer move wasn’t exactly part of the “team game plan” if you will…

    …now those two gentlemen were nice & all as they proceeded to sit on wheels for the rest of the climb, allowing you to showcase yer lovely climbing abilities but ‘berto, did ya maybe show yer hand a little early ???…

    …let’s face it, yer rivals know you’ve got a “motor”, nothing new there but now yer teammates know just how insecure you’re feeling & just how little of a team playa’ you are…hmmm…

    …hey, hey, easy, bud, i’m not criticizing but i am just sayin’…& i’m sorta wonderin’ if they’ll be there for ya, when ya really need ’em…those boys have got a shit ton of experience & they just might go all rogue back on YOUR ass at some point…

    …anyway, ‘berto, best a luck…prob’ly gonna need some…
    …two weeks, senor contador, two long, full weeks…don’t be caught nappin’…

    …see ya,

  4. What the fuck does Governor Palin have to do with pro cycling? And you had to go all the way back to last October to dig something up? You are a sad little man.

  5. That kid hucking inverted tricks in a concrete skate park is nuts.

    It looks like Alberto can blow the doors off any climber in the world, any time he feels like it. Conspiracy theorists? Anyone? Bueller?

  6. Dont tell me Armstrong wasn’t self serving in his time gap when Berto was caught up ! Face it , that was a bad team divider right there . The score is 1 all .

    Berto is the overwhelming favorite and we have known this for a while .So , the way I read it is Berto knows he can answer anything Armstrong throws so bring it on . He will have the Spanish alliance formed ala Dauphine . Lance just has at best Levi , Popo , Kloeden , George , rast ect . Contador wants to kick Lances ass deep down inside him . We are looking at the possibilty of the most dramatic tour ever !
    14 riders within 1 min 20 . Astana divided , will form two teams and this will unfold over the next two weeks ! First one up Ventoux will win !

  7. What I would give to be a fly on the wall at the Astana hotel tonight… Think the conversation ’round the dinner table was a bit tough? How ’bout the full on bitch sessions with the mechanics and other support staff? Think Cousin Vinny is picking sides yet? He’ll be back – and in charge – very, very soon.

    This is fucking awesome.

    I hope Contador attacks all the way to Paris. I love the kid. And not in a gay way. Like a man. Like a Viking.

    The Spanish Armada is about to set sail. Those cats held it together this year in the Dauphine Libere for Alejandro Valverde… Oh, I can’t wait!

  8. RE: Clash of Cultures…

    Seems like that articles says what I’ve been saying all along.
    pro cycling=doping “If it takes 10 to kill you, I’ll take nine.”

  9. You finish your little essay yet?
    Bring something coherent to the table, at least….. Please…