Bring on the Tour!

Ah, the Tour. At last I can sit on my ass and watch tv like a proper American! Fuck baseball nine ways till next Tuesday, cycling is the sport!

Ok. Might have just pissed off a few folks there with that one. Just call me Robert Ford.

From: Chris D.
Is it me or does every rider that’s interviewed by Frankie or Robbie seem slightly annoyed?

Wouldn’t you be? I can’t stand listening to either of those dudes. They are the Katie Couric of cycling world. It’s either this gig at the Tour or they’d both be doing the weather in Des Moines.

I did get a kick out of Frankie Andreu being charged with interviewing Lance Armstrong. I figured those two weren’t exactly on speaking terms.

Link dump.

A few things from the bike shop:
Losing Control Of Tea Party Movement:
Doma Coffee Roasting Company:
Ullrich faces inquiry:
Forty one ugly seconds:

I got this collection of pics from Big M. Yes, she actually exists. Oh these are so wrong!

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11 thoughts on “Bring on the Tour!

  1. I believe…Betsy Andreu….?

    I, too, did a double-take when I heard Frankie interviewing Lance. Yeesh.

  2. Even the usually polite Levi was acting extremely annoyed by having to do an interview with Frankie. Frankie sucks at this gig and he’s a squealer. Lance I thought, has been surprisingly courteous to him.

  3. I am not the brightest crayon in the box, I can not figure out the pic with the chick in the bikini drinking the beer. Any help for a dumb fuck?

  4. the tea parties have nothing to do with right or left wing. if you went to one you’d know that. yes, some of the people there usually vote republican, but some vote democrat, and some I’m sure vote for the person they feel is most qualified. only small minded idiots buy into the left/right shit storm. i know it’s not fair to beat a blind man but wake the fuck up!

    i used to be called an extreme leftist while bush was in office because I would not let up, but now i’m a right wingnut. you people are not reading between the lines of these presidencies. when i attack your hero of the day you get offended at me never realizing that these guys are fucking us over.

    you think its good to pass 1000+ page laws without so much as reading it. that is not a left or right deal, that is the government fucking us over. what part of this do you not understand?

  5. Hey now, we don’t want Frankie or Robbie in Des Moines doing the weather either. So just leave us out of it on that one, Thanks.

  6. oldin, look just to the right & down from her ass.

    good dog!

    as for being a dumb fuck; you’re in back of a loooong line brother.

  7. …i’m sure lance loves the fucking irony…

    “hey, frankie…you used to work for mr, remember ???…now you STILL need me to do your job & get a paycheck…funny how that works, huh ???…see ya, frankie”

    …i’m sure armstrong also loved the irony of being on the podium after the TTT…

    “bonjour, bernard, ca va, ami ???”

    …hinault, ever the opportunist, not only gladly shook his hand but also i noticed, patted him on the back…

    “au revoir, bernard…prob’ly see ya some more before this little thing is over, oui ???”

  8. …rich mahogany…glad you mentioned that…

    …fucking hilariously laughing out loud…

    …when shit says “craigslist” i don’t bother unless i’m looking for something…woulda missed that one…

  9. In the midst of real-time updates on the race, The Boulder Report has been chatting about the mysteries of Frankie – Astana press conference “interviews” – burying the hatchet. Interesting stuff… and thanks for linking to the NPR story. Enlightening.