Punk Rock All Star

Weblogs are like fixed gear bikes. And fixed gear bikes are like weblogs.

It used to be that to have either, it took some work. You had to code html in something like notepad and upload it. Everything was code. It took an awfully long time. And it usually came out looking like shit. Now it is as easy as sending an email.

You had to tear down an existing road bike, or build one up from scratch. Usually took only a sort out of the rear wheel – not in and of itself a particularly high hurdle to clear. But, still, a fixed gear bike wasn’t something that appeared in every major bicycle manufacturer’s catalog. It was offered by very, very few. If you had one, it meant you had to go out of your way to obtain it. Now it is as easy as buying a loaf of bread.


Do I mind that everyone on the planet has a blog at their fingertips and a fixie beneath their legs? No. Not in the slightest. More people online. More people on bikes. We all win.

Times change. Things change. We are no longer what we once were. That is a good thing, truth be told. No one lives in a vacuum. Actions have consequences. Time marches on. Rust never sleeps. In the end, it means nothing, as the worms will feast upon us all.

From: Big Dick McGee
Subject: O, the humanity
… even the porn industry suffers in this downturn:


Can the crucial PBR and Cheetos sectors be far behind?

Yrs., etc .,
Big Dick McGee
Tunnel of Love, LLC

Even the world’s oldest professions are not immune. May god save us, if only from ourselves.

Link dump:
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Straw: slowlydownward.com
Girls with slingshots: daniellecorsetto.com
This is your country on drugs: huffingtonpost.com
Graham Watson Ventoux 180-degree panorama: velonews.com/media

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7 thoughts on “Punk Rock All Star

  1. …that term now oughta be in quotation marks…think about it…“punk rock” hit the scene over thirty fucking years ago…

    …i gotta give it props ‘cuz it broke a decrepit music scene out of it’s own doldrums & while all the naysayers screamed “this shit’ll never last”, they were obviously wrong…that shit had legs…

    …but it’s now just a “style” thing when you speak “punk rock”dude, yer such an anarchist, yawn…

  2. I graduated hi skoo in 1977 as a hard-core rocker, and it was right about that time that punk rock tilted the universe. Best live show I ever saw was the Ramones at some huge, incredibly packed bar in San Jose CA, they had at least a dozen beefy guys stationed at the front of the stage to try and keep the fans off.

    That Watson pano is very cool.

    I rode around both Lakes Sammamish and Washington today, a fucking perfect Pacific Northwest summer day, 80 miles in a bit over five hours. (I call it “century pace.”) Beers at the Redhook brewery at mile 70, about as sweet as nectar, yo.

  3. Keep in mind, a lot of blogs are clones of other blogs.

    I’m so punk rock my speakers kick themselves in.

  4. “..asked me to be their manager. I called Bullshit on that.”

    -contd. from Repo Man

  5. Let’s get out of here. Let’s do crimes.
    Yeah,yeah, uh… let’s order sushi and not pay.