Rock out with your bloc out

I don’t really care what you’re thinking. This band kicks ass. One of the hallmarks has always been “how do they sound live”? Well, these cats tear the lid off it.

Bloc Party – Like Eating Glass

I think I’m now officially gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that…


From: Chris R.
check this guy out.
he is riding a 3 speed coaster brake cruiser coast to coast and drinking a few beers along the way.


Three thousand miles on a three speed? Good on ya.

Dead Prez “Hip Hop”

“I’m down for runnin’ up on them crackers in they city hall…” Yeah, that’ll work. Always does. Big on the vids today. Huge.

That was pretty much insane.

From: Santiego
hi big juan, something for share with u readers!

That was… interesting. Makes me feel like drink’n heavy and eat’n tacos.

Ronde van Vlaanderen 2009

That is a very well put together little video. One of these years I’m going to make it across the pond and drink my way through most of the the month of April screaming my head off along the windswept roads of Flanders.

Email from our man in China.

From: Response
urban outlaw riding has a bazaar flava here in China.
it’s like night of the living dead on the streets. Bodies, cars and bikes shuffling aimlessly in slow motion. Onna sidewalks, in the streets in the gutters. They are magnetically drawn into your path. They sense your field and begin to swerve into your trajectory guided by sensitive hairs on the back of their necks and seemingly sightless eyes. The only way to get around is to do the old “fade right, go left”. However this creates issues with multiple bodies and does not account for taxis that think nothing of passing on the wrong side of the street and making left hand turns into oncoming traffic as well.

You will see arrogant teens walking 5 abreast from the trashy gutter into the streets, forcing cars to swerve around them while vigorously honking their horns. I ring my bell try and shoot between the teens and attempt put a shoulder on them for good measure, they always avoid me at the last moment. I hope to connect some day. One good turn deserves another

The move that always freaks me out is the ever popular “no look merge”. This advanced move is simply cutting into moving traffic without even looking. This seems to be a suicide move but people here an not vindictive. The same magnetic field that draws them to you also serves to alert people enough to reciprocate and “smerge” to avoid a certain maiming.

I broke a chain, again, my back hub was making noises too. The genius at the bike shop repacked my single speed hub with grease and left a ball bearing out and then put a used 27 speed chain on her for good measure.

I got a grinding, chain throwing halfa block away and returned to complain. This time the bike shop put their “A” mechanic on it, a hyper active 14 year old who proceeded to try and remove the hub assembly with a hammer and awl, in the wrong direction. When that did not work he grabbed a hand grinder and cut a notch in the assembly to fit a screwdriver in, resulting in a shower of sparks and a few slips that cut 4 spokes and pulled a flat spot in the rim.

Long story short, 2 hours of 3 stooges antics later I was rolling away on Frankenwheel. I am using it now, I think its going to explode or something…

Link dump:
“The Scandalous Fall of the Modern Conservative Movement.” No, really:
Billy Fucking Bad Ass Bike:
Turtle text:
Mines to Pines:
Pines to Mines:
Hand sling:

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7 thoughts on “Rock out with your bloc out

  1. Mark Sanford is a slimeball. But if he indeed represents “the Modern Conservative Movement” (whatever THAT’S supposed to mean at the moment) I suppose you on the left might as well adopt Elliot Spitzer or maybe John Edwards as your poster boy.

    And Jonny, I really could use your email address. I’d like to send you my reipe for sauce for the gander. (Hint-It also goes well with goose.)

  2. Chad, the Pines to the Mines is slated for Oct 3 this year which unfortunately is on the same weekend as the Tour of the White Mountains.


  3. Thanks Gnome.

    We rode some of the Pines to Mines route backwards last week. Great stuff, especially the Sycamore Rim Trail.

  4. I sure hope ol’ Response is gettin’ all “Ch’an” over there.Muthuh gonna come back an’ eat us for lunch…

  5. I second that – bloc party are absolutely incredible. I’ve had the privilege to see them 3 times before