Middle Man

Turns out being a middle man sucks.

Without further adu I would like to indroduce Bacardi Marty to Big Pun. Seems a while back I was up at Martys place dropping some things off at his house when he issued a challenge to Big Pun. Some things were said and I likened it to kicking a hornets nest a few times. I shook it off as Marty just messing around. Then on the 16th of this month Marty left a comment on DC here yet kicking the hornet nest again. Me being myself gave Big Pun a call. Big Pun laughed and said many have come, all have tried, and I have never seen my equal. (except that time in Minnesota, with Fiftys relatives during the ice fishing tourney of 02). Excuse my digression there where was I…. Oh yes, the cyberspace gauntlet has been laid down by Bacardi Marty to non other than Big Pun.

Which leads me to my next point. After the brew ha ha that happened up in Flagstaff this past weekend it seems that one of the still full kegs made it to Big Puns house for consumption. Turns out it fits nicely next to the 4 count them 4 empty keg shells that sit in the back of Puns yard. Pun calls me and says “Im here, full keg is here, where is Bacardi?”

Well this is where I say my adu and let you two work it out. It seems to me that 2 of the 3 parts in in one spot and who wouldnt want to get the hell out of PHX for the weekend and test the fortitude of ones liver?

Being in the middle is not a good place to be.


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6 thoughts on “Middle Man

  1. Oh, good lord… looks like I’m going to have to dig another grave in Big Pun’s backyard. Good to know ya, Marty. I thought you were smarter than that. Oh well, where’d I leave that shovel??

  2. Don’t lie to me, Snake. Being in the middle is fucking marvelous. Let us get back in the car and head north again soon. We’ll take Marti with. Let him face the music. We can pull up lawn chairs. If he’s really been training, he’ll last twenty minutes. We can either leave him there to rot or drag him back to his wife the next day. I’ll leave that to a coin flip.

  3. Leave him there to rot, I could use him as a stop to keep all of the empty kegs from rolling around the yard.

  4. oh shit why not? been a while since I threw down. or up for that matter…

    only problem is my schedule. i actually have sort of a job now.. and a family etc etc yadda yadda

    not gonna talk a lotta shit. just gonna show up and drink. this weekend? dunno – might be too tight but I’ll see… is there a gutter i can sleep it off in?

  5. Ah fuck let the excuses start. All fucking talk and no fucking walk. Like Big Pun says “less talkie, more drinkie.”