Father’s Day

Father’s Day, of course, carries a bit more weight when you’ve got a couple of little ones running around. And when they smile and hug and give you a card at 6:30 in the morning… well, that’s even better.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Enjoy it while they’re young.
    Mine, 15 and 17.
    Try to wake them up at 9:30 to go across the street for some sugar so I can make THEM cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They’re still asleep at 10:40.
    I made my own breakfast…

  2. I remember the days of sleeping in until past noon. Now I got a little hellion that just turned two. He is indeed rad and while I know hell is around the corner when he turns adult, oh man, i’m enjoying almost every minute of what I got now.

    happy fathers day jonny et al.

  3. My daughter will be a college sophomore this fall. And my evil cat had me up at 0530.

    But I got some good riding in today. The kid is visiting friends and the Mrs. is getting ingredients for a big honkin’ mess of spaghetti. She wanted to take me out to dinner but it seems that’s all we do on the weekend anyway.

    Right now I’m enjoying peace and quiet on my day off. My loved ones are safe and happy. Can’t think of any better gifts for a dad.

  4. I have a 10 year old girl, an almost three year old boy, and a new three week old girl. I wouldn’t have wanted anything else this morning to have them bring me breakfast in bed and all cuddle up to me. I had to share and feed them like dolphins at SeaWorld, but wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe a bigger paycheck, the school system doesn’t pay so well for teachers.

  5. haven’t been on here in awhile. Had an awesome 2nd father’s day. My son is now 18 months old and the day prior I got him a Kettler Air Navigator. The heck with me, that kid was/is so stoked on his new ride. So on father’s day I spend all day with the person that allows me to have a father’s day. And that’s how I plan to keep it.