Thank God it’s Friday

I think I’m going to miss Brian Dawkins this year.


Kid was off the hook in Philly. Now he’s a Bronco.

Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder?
I was on “Hardball” today talking about the climate of extreme right-wing rhetoric today, and whether it had anything to do with Wednesday’s tragic shooting at Washington’s Holocaust Museum, or the May 31 murder of Dr. George Tiller by an antiabortion crackpot.

I tried to choose my words carefully. Unless it’s shown that either man had accomplices, we have to be clear that the men responsible for those murders are the ones who pulled the trigger. Still, it’s hard not to think about the extreme right-wing rhetoric, especially about Barack Obama, and whether it could conceivably lead to more right-wing violence.

The range of crazy ideas about Obama is broad and wide: He’s a secret Muslim, he’s going to take our guns, he’s even the anti-Christ! James von Brunn just happened to be a “birther,” one of the nuts who believe that Obama wasn’t born here, his birth certificate is fake, and he thus isn’t eligible to be president. I thought it was strange and maybe a little ominous last summer when suddenly Obama was labeled a “socialist” and a “Marxist”; Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are arguably more liberal than Obama; why did he get tagged with that sinister, subversive, alien ideology? It seemed linked to the fact that he’s just so … different from other politicians, so easy to marginalize and, frankly, demonize.

Oh hell. I’m going mountain biking with Jackass Justin. He should be here in an hour or so. Then we’re going to drive to Flagstaff. Then he’s going to ride some 100 miler. I’m going to drink beer. Because I can.

There may be some redundancy between this post I started writing yesterday and Gnome’s from this morning. And so it goes…

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31 thoughts on “Thank God it’s Friday

  1. BDJ while you’re up north can you preride my fourth of july racing circuit course? Let me know of any “hazards” and course markings that might jab me in the throat from ousts undereth a bush. thanks.

  2. any hate speek leads zealots to proceed with their irrational dreams. The right is in a cold dark place these days. I wish they would just go extinct like the Whigs.

  3. That’s a sweet picture of Dawkins, flying like an Eagle!… I don’t remember ever seeing him in another uniform… Oh well…

  4. Back from CA. The American River Parkway century was f’n sweet. Gorgeous trail, butter smooth, no cars. Had the “pleasure” of riding from Mountain View to La Honda and back, 2400′ climbing each way. Those are some steep-ass and narrow roads, yo. It’s raining here in Pugetropolis, ew.

  5. When I said I missed the political content I was hoping for honest critique of the incumbent, Jonny. You can’t tell me it’s ALL been tingley feelings running up and down your leg. And shouldn’t you be off somewhere learning how to chase ambulances?

  6. What paper? sounds like homework to me, and I’m done with that. Probably since before you were in this world.

  7. Mikey, isn’t that all it does up there? At least that’s what I hear, the only times I’ve been through have been pretty decent weather…

  8. mebe, but what’s the point. Dave doesn’t have the political wit to do more that hate on the talking points of others. He’s not capable of original insight.

  9. “Political insight?” Ain’t drinking the KoolAid, thankyouverymuch. Not my job anyway. I’m not a pundit. I’m an electrician. And last I checked my opinion is as good as that of any other citizen. You people ARE citizens, aren’t you?

  10. el jefe- the notion that it rains constantly in Pugetropolis is mistaken. Why, you have a 50% chance of it being dry any time from early July through September. That’s practically three months of maybe half-nice weather!

  11. btw, the Palo Alto/Los Altos area truly is “cycling heaven” if 1) you like to climb really steep, really tall hills, and 2) are richer than god and think $80K for a grocery-getter is just good sense.

    Also, in California it is apparently requisite for your knickers to match your jersey, preferably in garish team colors with huge logos. I looked like a total n00b in my black chamois and plain red jersey.

    Of course, I passed dozens of full-kit dudes on gleaming full-race bikes like they were in reverse. Posers. Then there was this one kid (full kit, pushing the big ring) that passed me while grinding up towards the top of Alpine Road so fast he made a ripping sound through the air and his tires growled and chewed the asphalt.

    I rode the Sandhill Loop on Monday afternoon, just spinning easy, and blew another spoke off a Ksyrium SL-SSC. Off-side rear. I’m like fifty years old with no real ability, I should NEVER be able to break such a high-zoot wheel. Fucking glass jaw is what that is.

  12. Palo Alto is a strange fucking place. Gotta keep up that image. On one side of the highway it’s multi-million dollar homes and ethnically… um… cracker, but in EPA it (at least used to be) people barely scraping by and almost entirely people of color. More segregated than the South. The riding is great, the economics not so much. I had the cops called on me back in college, driving through the nice side to meet a friend in my ’64 Plymouth Valiant. O.k… it WAS covered in primer, and had the requisite anti-establishment bumper stickers, but I wasn’t doing anything wrong… at the time…

  13. dave, you sure opine here a bunch. You were given an opportunity to state your case on the current administration. You are afraid to actually do so. Man up.

  14. el jefe, I fear no living creature. But I’d just as well send it in the the Daily Kos or some shit. And yeah, that sick bastard that shot up the Holocaust Museum was probably carrying out a covert op under orders from George Bush. Whatever.

  15. …mikey…glad you had some great california riding…

    …once rode from marin, across the golden gate bridge, way down the coast to san gregario beach w/ the intent of jamming up the hill (hwy 84) to skyline blvd (hwy 35) for that beautiful fast winding plunge down off the coast range towards the bay & into palo alto to hook up w/ cycling pals…

    …saw the signs to la honda & gave it everything i had to get there in anticipation of recovering on the descent…toasted, bonking, dehydrated when i got there, well hey, whadda ya know…sky londa, not la honda is the top of the fucking ridge…

    …bwahaha…dumbshit here still had miles of climbing to do…i was young, stupid n’ gung-ho & only looked at the map briefly before i left home…gritted it out but man, that last part of the climb to sky londa was tough…

    …lesson learned…

  16. “when i got there, well hey, whadda ya know…sky londa, not la honda is the top of the fucking ridge…bwahaha…dumbshit here still had miles of climbing to do…”


    Ouch, yeah there’s about 2K vert between La Honda and Skyline, I would have laid down in a nice patch of poison oak and died.

  17. …mikey…“I would have laid down in a nice patch of poison oak and died.”

    …sounds like yer just itchin’ to come back to the bay area & ride…

    …lemme know if yer comin’ down this way again & bring either a road or cross bike…as they say, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”

    …mr j. grande has my e-address…we’ll make arrangements…

    …we may not always share political views, sir, but i think we’ve both got a zen approach to the cycling thingy…

  18. bgw- I’ll be back down there for sure, may do another trip this summer.

    My next jaunt will be the Idaho panhandle. The gorgeous back roads in Pend Orielle county WA are well and truly deserted now that they closed the last mine at Metaline Falls. You see more deer than cars. I want to try lift-assisted MTB–never done it, even when they loaded bikes at my home ski hill–at Schweitzer and Silver Mtn. Plus, a buddy of mine is a “trail marshall” on the Hiawatha Trail, and with clever SAG support it’s like a 70-mile loop starting up near Lookout Pass MT/ID and going practically to Coeur d’Alene. Also, there’s buzz about the Kokopelli in September or something called “white pine rim” or something.

  19. Oh, and as to the “crazy ideas about Obama”, nature abhors a vacuum. We know more about the leader of secretive North Korea than we do about our own president.

  20. We know more about the leader of secretive North Korea than we do about our own president.

    What color is the sun on your planet?

  21. John, dave is the resident naysayer to all things Obama. He thinks that if you aren’t actually criticizing or promoting discredited talking points, that you must think he’s the second coming. He’s best mocked or ignored…

  22. …ah yes, the question of “dave“…

    …cartoon contrarian w/ a pseudo political bent or just a sad ass, sorry little man ???…

    …dave’s working on defining the answer every time he addresses a political situation…

  23. ironic dave demonizes and marginalizes jonny’s future the attorney profession…here in this thread

    I am beginning to think dave is a troll name created by some genius comic writer here to clearly state the obvious oxymoron. dude cant be for real.

    what part of assclow do you not see in the mirror dave. you just douched yourself and you don’t even know it

  24. I’ve driven from Lookout Pass to Coeur d’Alene on the interstate many times. Connecting those points via backroad on a bicycle would be sweet. I’ve seen, but have not ridden(yet), some closed down railway grades that are now gravel bikeways that seem to be endless in that part of the world. They even go over big ass trestle bridges. Man, that’d be a good time. I gotta round up Gnome, BGR and Reichel….

    Lemme know how it goes.


  25. Jonny- the panhandle trip looks likely to be right after the fourth. I’ll let y’all know what the logistics look like and file a ride report upon my return to the coast.