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44 thoughts on “Redundant or what?

  1. I think you were looking for the word “redundancy”. Unless you really love church….

  2. Yeah, you’re probably right. More redundant than oxy moronic. My handle on the English language is not so good after all.

  3. i used to confuse fiction and non-fiction. but fiction starts with f like fake and that makes non-fiction not fake. or i just think about the bad religion album ‘stranger than fiction’ because that was one of the earliest memories of that cliche being used in context. cheers anyways

  4. The ‘Religious Fact’ sign was too long for the actual shelf, by about thirteen letters, which to the religious freaks, was a Satanist plot……..

  5. BAhahahahhahaha.. Thanks for sharing. I wish I caught that one. I am going to Borders tomorrow and moving all the bibles to that section.

  6. Crank, I suppose you’d rather see folks blowing themselves up like they do in all the Muslim countries.

  7. The American Taliban just kill other people, they’re too pussy to take themselves out in the process…

  8. hey dave and crank, did you read the small print under ‘cold range carry’? kinda funny. i support the idea that if you don’t carry a gun, you are 100% unlikely to shoot anyone. and i got the argument from a gun nut once that carrying a gun makes you safer, to which i responded that carrying a gun actually makes you more dangerous. he didn’t get it.

  9. We think you guys are ridiculous for enshringing the right to carry a gun in your constitution.
    – From Canada with love.

  10. This is a great idea to move the bibles into this section. Does Borders have a section for gaytard porn? just askin.

  11. Canada can go suck Kraft dinner, eh. We think you’re fucking gullible as shit to believe in “free” health care.

  12. hey dave, what kind of health care do you have? what are your yearly premiums? then let’s hear from a canadien what their annual buy in is.

  13. …hey…back to the original topic…

    …what’s to write ???,,,that’s funny as hell !!!…

  14. Nate, better question-Where do the hosers go for care when they get tired of being on their gubmint waiting list? And anyone in The Land Of The Free can already get Canuckistani-level care at no out of pocket expense by showing up at the emergency room. “Uninsured Americans” is bullshit. Anyone that needs treatment can already get it. Barry Hussein wants your money, though, and he wants more control over your life. Lies and fear-mongering are his tactics.

  15. Actually Dave, in your hurry to blindly defend the right, you missed the point. Violence is antithetical to the message of both religions. We are just as guilty in America of fostering perverse versions of religion as any other country. And Dave, let’s try to use big boy words to convey our message instead of foul, racial slurring, or defametory commentary. Poor little Dave, all filled with hate and insecurity.

  16. dave, you live in a simpleton fantasy world. A study just released in JAMA (Himmelstein et al. 2009) showed that 62% of all bankruptcies filed in the US are medical bill related. Do you really think that the ER is a comprehensive medical plan? Wait, you don’t think… Your county/city taxes are paying for the uninsured to go to the ER. When someone waits until it’s a trip to the ER it is a much larger problem than if they had gotten preventative care. It will be a smaller strain on our tax rolls to have a public option, so that people can get the care they need, before it’s a trip to the ER.

    And, yes, I believe that the bibles should be kept in the fiction section…

  17. It’s the American Journal of Medicine, not JAMA. Some more gems: in the early 80’s medical bills accounted for 8% of bankruptcies. From 2001 to 2007, the odds that medical bills will cause a bankruptcy have more than doubled. Most who have filed bankruptcy for medical reasons are educated, own homes and can be considered “middle income”. AND the kicker: of those that filed bankruptcy, 75% of them had some form of health insurance. Yeap, that’s right. Private insurance wasn’t enough. Still think the system is working?

  18. This is priceless however far off topic it might be. I take that personally about kraft dinner, I survived off it for several years. And yes, we are gullible, we live on average several years longer. XD

  19. Dave never answered my question. any canadiens out there want to disclose how much they pay annually for their healthcare? I know for a fact that if an uninsured person shows up at an emergency room in the us, they will receive treatment, and shortly thereafter receive an expensive unsubsidized bill. so, how much does your healthcare cost dave? or maybe you are uninsured like me and still go to the doctor and then ignore the bills like many out there. let’s have a figure.

  20. dave sees the trees he likes but miss the Forest of God’s love and justice for all.

  21. dave we think you are gullible as shit to believe that business owners want to pay for your health care

  22. Or booze, one. Y’all just look like pathetic little wankers when y’all wanna show off what you know about politics*. Don’t mean shit. They got us where they want us, or ain’t y’all read George Orwell? Keith Olbermann IS the Ten Minutes Hate. Reckon that would Make Dubya Goldstein.

    *Or religion. You know even less about that. And don’t tell me what to believe; I know what I know.

  23. Ah, religion. I don’t believe in it, so I won’t be telling anyone what to think about it. I just know, it’s not for me, all of those myths they made up to keep people in line and all. But hey, if you want to believe in some all powerful “god” sitting up in the clouds watching your every move, so be it. I don’t really care. I just thought that the picture was kind of funny.

    See, thing is, for our health care system, guys like Dave always like to talk about waiting in lines in say, Canada (not that anyone in the US is proposing such a system, but I digress), and then they always fail to recognize that in the US, this happens as well, like when your HMO doesn’t want you to have that life saving procedure, or treatment, because it’s going to cost too much, and then you die. Yeah, that happens in the US. A lot.

    I’ve never lived in another country, but I do know that when I was once riding in France, and went down, I went to a local hospital, they cleaned my wounds, checked out my shoulder (ended up being fine and dandy), gave me some pain meds and sent me on my way. Total cost for me? 0 Euros. All part of their healthcare system.

    Olberman is 10 minutes of hate? What are you talking about Dave? Ever listen to Limbaugh? Beck? Hannity? Dobbs? I mean, some of those guys are urging violent uprising against Obama, mostly because they don’t like him, and not for any specific purpose, but I don’t expect you to think about those things.

    Going back to religion. It’s the end all, be all, almost start of all of our problems, and religion, and its practitioners generally wreck everything. Sure, there are good ones out there, but for the most part, it’s caused nothing but problems.

  24. But dave, all you post about is politics and religion.

    “Crank, I suppose you’d rather see folks blowing themselves up like they do in all the **Muslim** countries.”

    “Canada can go suck Kraft dinner, eh. We think you’re fucking gullible as shit to believe in **“free” health care.**”

  25. Dogma has no Principles. It only has Beliefs. That is why it has no flexibility. And when a dogmatic person encounters something new, they just want it to go away.

    How do they handle a gay child, science, or moral dilemmas? They don’t. They want them to go away.

    They paint every arguement in black and white and offer no reason or logic to support their claims.

    Like a child it is emotion that drives their belief system

    dogmaticdave like a motherfucker

  26. “I wish you would talk about bikes”

    change the subject when you have no game

    Dave you are like Charlie Brown and we are holding the football….

    go on kick it, you are going to nail it this time I am shure…….

  27. giantcu92 sez “Ever listen to Limbaugh? Beck? Hannity? Dobbs? I mean, some of those guys are urging violent uprising against Obama, mostly because they don’t like him, and not for any specific purpose

    …i’d also suggest that the fact that obama being a democrat factors well into the equation…these “august” gentlemen don’t really give a rats ass about the good of the common man or stable government because they’re more about “us versus them” & holding what they see as an upper or winning hand…

    …that’s further complicated by the fact that each & every one of them is concerned about the tv ratings at stake & a great deal of huge personal ego satisfaction…

    …truth be told, more fucking energy is wasted on bullshit political discussion on this & hundreds of political blogsites than could be imagined…
    …free speech…it’s wonderful, it’s empowering, it’s enabling, it can be productive & informative & we couldn’t live w/out it because it can be a great fomenter of change but it’s also a huge waste of time & energy in scenario after scenario…

    …just sayin’…

  28. Fuck, we’re doing it again. We’re talking to dave like he’s a rational adult, instead of just mocking him or ignoring him…

  29. When someone else’s angry tirade is my source of humor… I don’t know who is worse off them or me. Or us.

  30. Thanks for the pep talk, Taylor!

    Hey! Did Dave ever have a post of his own? I’ve been away for a while, and just wondered if that ever happened… And why does he just keep coming back for more? He must enjoy the abuse!

    I like guns too, but I’m not willing to give up the numerous other things that Republicans want to take from us, just so I can keep them! On top of that, I seriously doubt that Obama will be knocking on my door, and telling me to hand them over. I have a couple of friends who sound just like Dave, with the whole “Obama is stealing something from us” BS… Guess what… It was already stolen! Obama was handed a big pile of shit, and he’s doing what he can with it. GET OFF HIS NUTS!