Humpday musings

First outta the box, and this one is friggin’ ridiculous, Fox Newser accused of dragging cyclist through Central Park.

The driver then accelerated, lunging straight into me, knocking me and my bicycle to the ground and to the left side of his car. I quickly got to my feet and positioned myself in front of his vehicle to prevent him from fleeing the scene. I called out to bystanders to call the police and yelled at the driver that he was insane, he just hit me, and he can’t leave. The driver again accelerated into me, with no intention of stopping, forcing me, prostrate, onto the driver’s side hood of his vehicle. Riding precariously with a 4,000 lb wheel inches from pulling me beneath it, I screamed for the driver to “Stop!!! Please Stop!!”

Yeah. How ’bout that one? Imagine what it’d be like to see something like that go down on the street in front of you.

Or, just read the report of an actual eye witness to this ugliness:

As we were running, we saw an SUV ahead, coming north. It was a bizarre sight … a cyclist was on the hood, shouting at the driver, to please please stop the car. That cyclist kept shouting to the guy to stop, he was saying/shouting, “You could have killed me. Stop, Please stop. This is my life.” something like that. We saw his bike in the road, left behind, as the SUV drove on, with the cyclist on his hood.

I hope I never have the misfortune of crossing paths with a psycho like that. I’ve got enough friggin’ problems.

Had some time this morning, thought I’d go for a ride. Opened the fridge and faced a choice. Supplement, pie or beer. Beer, pie or supplement. It’s a conundrum, that one.


Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick two. (see Bontrager)

More like: Fat. Happy. Stupid. Pick two.

I went with one: Athlete Octane. Good stuff.

I don’t endorse much on this website, so pay attention. I have always found Athlete Octane to be a quality product. I’ve used it for years back when I was riding a lot (and young and fit). Now, not so much riding a lot and/or young and/or fit. Working on the latter. Anyway, just started trying to turn the circles. Always fun realizing just how fucking fat and out of shape you’ve let yourself become. And by “fun” I mean “fucking hell”.

Quite an endorsement so far, eh? Look, try the stuff. I think it helps me. I don’t pretend to understand exactly why or how, but “lack of understanding” doesn’t exactly stop me from drinking coffee or beer – I’ve only a vague idea how caffeine or alcohol works either. I just know that they do what they do and they do it wall.

You may have noticed that we’ve been running a graphic for Athlete Octane on the site for a few months now. In the interest of full disclosure, that is not a paid ad. That’s right. Not paid. Why are we running it? The owner of the company is a friend of ours. The guy who came up with the idea is a friend, the guy who runs the show now is a friend. And friends help friends.

/end endorsement.

I’m always one to find any reason to stop climbing. Because climbing sucks. Today’s reason was to circle back (because I was gunning it kid!) and check out the dead snake.


The color didn’t come through well in that pic, but those are red and black bands. And it was really bright red. I didn’t realize the photo sucked balls till I looked at it on the computer. Shit looked great on that little tiny screen. Go figure.

No yellow, so it’s not a coral snake. Or it wasn’t before that whole thing with the car tires and the smooshing. Anyway. No idea. Maybe a King or a Long-nosed snake?


Nice views from up there on Mummy Mountain. And yes, I stopped to take a photo here too. Any reason to climb off. Snake? Yep. View? Yep. Sofa? Yep. Random swimming pool? You betcha. Rock? Uh huh. Cactus? Sure.


Last climb. Used to nail this in the 53. Never beat Jim up that one. He always came around. Probably because I was always in front. Oh, that Jim. Crafty little bugger.

But, I was damn close a couple of times. And most days that’s enough.

Today I went to the top, nowhere near full gas and nowhere near the 53. Turned around, rolled back down half way or so and took a photo. Looks like the top of the world, doesn’t it?

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9 thoughts on “Humpday musings

  1. I think that’s a groundsnake. Super bright red with black bands, I saw a bitchin one in Sedona a couple weeks ago.

  2. Don’t let me find out they aren’t going to file charges against him either . . . .

  3. It’s probably not a king snake. The tri-color ones have a very distinct white/yellow band. Coral snakes are a little smaller, and the yellow is next to the red (Red-black, friend of Jack; red-yellow kill a fellow…) They’re highly poisonous, but are rear/fixed fanged, so they really have to get you to invenomate. I still wouldn’t mess with them. It’s probably either a ground snake or a long-nosed. It’s hard to tell from the picture. If the yellow is kinda diffuse in the red, then it’s probably a long-nosed, if the red is pretty solid, then probably ground snake. Ground snakes are highly variable. Reptiles of AZ shows 5 different phases from Maricopa Co. alone. It’s too bad, someone probably went out of their way to hit it because it was a snake.

  4. Haha, Molson supplied their retirees with 6 12-packs a month?

    I bet there are guys with garages full of the stuff.

    It’s too bad their free buzz has come to an end.

    Today I start my search for a brewery job.

    Recession = Alcohol upswing.

  5. Your drinking Yuengling in a can, what the fuck is wrong with you? Am I gonna have to roll back through AZ with a case of that stuff in bottle form to get you back on track?

  6. Yuengling in bottles? No thanks. They’re green, you know. Not good for the beer. Won’t dring beer out of green bottles, period.

    I’ve had Yuengling in bottles and it’s a crapshoot. Somnetimes okay; sometimes skunky as fuck. I’ll stick with cans. Or draft when I can get it. Mmmmmm, Yuengling draft.

    Or I’ll drink it in a 20 oz. bottle which is brown. But 12 ouncers are green. Wadup wit dat?