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12 thoughts on “Why do the race when you can buy it?

  1. Haha, from the auction:

    Q: Are you selling your grandpa’s purple heart too!?!?

    A: Yes, that can be arranged. I also have some of your wife’s underwear for sale. and some of my toenail clippings.

  2. Silver goes for about $14.5/oz. These things have to weigh many ounces, so if he doesn’t get at least $100 each, I’d melt them and sell the silver.

  3. man that picture of the girls on the kegs is hot! not sure what it has to do with the buckle, but who cares.

  4. if you want to mess with someone in NE MPLS bring it!! F U blond dred hipster!! and your surly friend at grumpy’s!! reply please!!

  5. So these dudes pull up to the local coffee shop with dirt bikes on the car rack. Fuckin nice bikes. Poured a lot of money into these clean (hint) bikes. Had all the name brand clothing. We split, and went for a ride. On the way back, about 4 hours later, we see the car still parked. Walked inside trailing mud and sure as shit these dudes were still “talking bikes”and looking good. Wish I coulda hooked them up with a belt buckle. Pretty little things with highlights in their hair, soft hands, fair skin. Makes me remember cold nights in a Mexican prison……but that story is for another time.

  6. I’ll give the seller an empty beer can and a pic of my crusty post-100mile ride pink starfruit to jerk off with.

    As for the girls… not so hot IMHO. Typical sorority-trash that wouldn’t do shit when push came to shove. All show and no go as it were.

    This site really blows lately.

  7. I only made 49 mph coming down 108th Ave. outta Kirkland last night. I was pretty spun out on the 53×12. Do I need an 11 cog in order to hit 50 mph?

  8. “Stan Hoovis”? Never heard a him. Is there a correlation between how much bikepunk sucks, and how much DC sucks?

    That is Snake in the ebay ad with the DC jersey…

    Snake at Leadville

    Of course, here’s the kegs too…