Chill’n like a villain

Second day off from school. And I still don’t know what to do with myself. Spend yesterday morning in the garage moving around boxes. Thought about building up another bike. I’ve got a Voodoo frameset just waiting for parts to be hung on ‘er. Read the site over lunch. And holy shit was there ever a fire following last weekend’s stupidity. And, how ironic the frame I took down off a hook was a Voodoo…

Life is stranger than fiction.

I’ve got some feelings on what played out last weekend. And I suppose I’ll be sharing them in due time. If there is one thing I’m known for, it sure isn’t keeping my mouth shut.

Go figure.

The Giro’s lighting off and I can’t even watch in on TV. What’s the point of living in the suburbs if I can’t have it all handed to me on a platter?


Anyway. I think I’ll be spending some more time in my garage today. Then I may type something. And then I’ll open a beer and chill with my kids.

Sometimes like is easy. And sometimes it is not. Take law school for instance. That would be an example of life not being easy. More than that, it would be an example of life sucking ass. I’ve been through worse, of course. Not all can say that. But I sure can.

Link dump:

Something about god:…reclaiming_religion
Photos of Colorado:…
Funny ass video:
A shit ton of photos:
Michael Steele is fucking crazytown:…steele-dems-want-to-take-away-our-guns-move-terrorists-into-our-communities
I never would have guessed:
The Party Of Torture:

Update: I had to embed the vid I only link texted above. I’ve seen that shit like four times already. And it just keeps getting better.

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11 thoughts on “Chill’n like a villain

  1. I tell you what I like to do with myself on a day off…. Play!
    Pull up some porn on the old PC, and rough up the suspect! Let him have it!!

  2. Jonny –

    clicked through the Colorado pix link you posted, and the first one is Mt. Emmons actually, otherwise known as the Red Lady, a well-known sight to anyone who rides 401 in Crested Butte or any of the other fun stuff up Gothic road on the way to Schofield Pass…my tongue is usually on the top tube by that point, not much time to admire the scenery frankly – mother fucking brute at nearly 12K…good times…

  3. That video was the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen in a long damn time!
    Get money + get paid! Shit is hilarious!

    Also, I have found that I am terrible at matching the muff. Sucks for me…I’m suprised I haven’t been more appalled a few more times in my life.

  4. Get Money + Get Paid! That shit was dope! The fucking Kool-Aid shit was hilarious. Big props to the dude for doin’ a solid and educating the rest of us! LOL, and Jonny, great find!