Telkom rode the dope train…

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Holy shit, just read this:

Freiburg report details cycling’s dark side
The findings of an independent commission have broken new ground on systemic doping on one of the sport’s most successful teams. It has been revealed that two doctors from the Freiburg University Clinic ran an organised doping programme for the enormously successful German Telekom/T-mobile squad from 1995 to 2006. Cyclingnews’ Susan Westemeyer reports.

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15 Replies to “Telkom rode the dope train…”

  1. Is there any way to get ahold of a list of all the cyclists that were busted or implicated in doping in the last 10 years?….would be interested to see.

  2. I just read it too. Unbelievabley depressing. I have to wonder what was going through the minds of Sinkewicz, Kessler, and Kloden as they traveled in a car, away from the Tour, towards a doping load-up at the same time their team leader was also leaving the Tour, towards future disgrace, visits with lawyers and a life without racing. Meanwhile, the Tour was exploding around them.

    And now we have Team Columbia High Road. A team that wins EVERYTHING, more than it’s predecessor T-Mobile, and yet presents themselves as a clean team. Interesting, no? I’m not sure I can believe anymoe that the sport is getting any cleaner or it’s riders who tout that when so much business as usual went on after the 98 TdF and the 06 TdF.

    Humpty – doesn’t wikipedia have such a list? i think Big Johnny posted it some time ago.


  3. This just in? Breaking news?
    The part about the method of transfusion is the only part that shocked me. Reminds me of some stories I’ve seen about horse racing. Little or no concern for the well being of the athlete. Just use em up, and throw em away. The media and/or promoters try to make it like these cheating riders have stolen something from us, the audience. I’m not the one who’s going to have a hormone imbalance for the rest of my life!
    I’m waiting for a similar story to come out about Team USPS… Only I hope they took a little more care in the process.

  4. Jonny- can we help Humpty out? Somewhere a while back, one of the contributors to the blog put up a link to Wikipedia and it was a Wiki entry called Doping in Cycling, I think- Humpty- it will answer your question and it actually goes back to 1900!

  5. Hellbelly,
    You are correct, but they are looking for the list of actual bust’s, I think… I’m ‘positive’ there are many all time greats, who just never got busted!

  6. Is there any way to get ahold of a list of all the cyclists that were busted or implicated in doping in the last 10 years?

    Alex, I’d like to try Every Last One of Them for $200 please…

  7. Thanks, forgot about the wikepedia article. Too many benders in college… you can only erase the old “chalkboard” so many times you know…

  8. Why are we shocked by this? I’m not saying that we’ve hit the limits of human performance improvements through training methods, but the advances have gotten more and more incremental as time goes on, and that goes for every sport. Look at the wattage these guys have been cranking for years and it’s pretty obvious that doping has been the rule and not the exception for some time now. Bodybuilding(being the extreme example of chemical development) has had seperate “clean” competitions for a loooong time, and it’s time to do that for cycling. The important cure isn’t testing and fines, it’s culture. When clean cyclists competing in clean competitions can garner the same money, fame, chicks and glory that their not so clean counterparts get, things will change. If fines, jail and buggery in the joint don’t cure the common people of drugs, why would the penalties for doping cure someone who has so much more to gain? Anyway, we need to stop being surprised by this. As far as I’m concerned, the lot of them (the winners at any rate) are guilty until they prove otherwise.