Road Trip!

So the fellas organized a little road trip. Grandose thoughts of attendance entertained my mind. New terrain under the wheels would be nice. But not this time. Second week into a new jib, the chance to impress with what little talent I have and the culmination of one grad class meant I’d be sitting behind a desk all weekend. DAMN!


Yuri and friends on a little adventure in Fruita, CO.


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About Flodizzle

Another cyclist toiling away in graduate school. Go figure. Tucson, Arizona, USA

8 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Fruita rocks….sorry you couldn’t partake. Looks like Joe’s Ridge? and maybe the way out to the Edge out and back? Great riding, free and really awesome camping. Makes me wanna pack up now and go…

  2. If you didn’t know…there’re two places to ride in Fruita…the 18 Road area otherwise known as the Bookcliffs and the Kokopelli Trail system off the highway at the Loma exit. As shown in the photos..the Bookcliffs are all single track and super fun…ride right from camp. The Edge Loop or Edge Out and Back are the “big” rides. The Kokopelli Trails are the more technical (moab-ish) trails (see More Fun, Troy Built, etc). Towns pretty cool…good coffee shop and the guys at The Edge bike shop are more than helpful. They’ve produced a pretty cool little map of all the rides for about $2.