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22 thoughts on “C’était un rendez-vous

  1. That famous bit of cinema verité can be purchased directly from Spirit Level Films. I have a copy and when you play it really loud on the big stereo/TV, it’s quite impressive.

    There is much doubt that Lalouche actually shot it in one take, without traffic control, as he contends, but regardless, it’s very well done, including at least one missed shift and banging over the curb to avoid a garbage truck. Legend has it, the car was an 8-cylinder Ferarri driven by ex-F1 pilote Jacques Lafitte.

  2. F’in Awesome. Can’t believe i watched the whole thing, but glad i did.

    1976. wow.

  3. “Dillhole drives recklessly and endangers the public. Neat.”


    But dude, it’s the FRENCH public. How cool is that?

  4. “But dude, it’s the FRENCH public. How cool is that?” I so knew I opened myself to that statement. Good fer you Mikey.

  5. I was waiting for a rider to get hit or something really cool like that. Driving too fast for conditions, so novel, well not really, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  6. That’s the classic bit of film; ya gotta come across it sooner or later.
    as ubiquitous as graham watson.
    XCool that you just now saw it, you’ll see it’s echo’s in 20 different things.

  7. Silly me. I thought he was trying to rip off the chase scene in the film Bullitt, which probably came along before most of you were born.

  8. I kept trying to figure out what kind of car it was from the sounds of the engine and the shifting…I was kinda hoping they’d show it. 8 cylinder Ferrari sounds plausible…to deep to be a 12, not whingy enough to be a 6…unless it’s the 6 outta a WRX. Cool vid tho.

  9. I heard Toyota is in the process of recalling most vehicles due to gas pedal problems . My sister drives a Toyota, should the vehicle be used before it’s fixed?

  10. Can’t remember what this was aboot, eh, and the noisamabob for my intardwebnet thingie quit working. But I’m glad that the Mrs. and I drive Hondas.