Monday is as Monday does

Monday is as Monday does. Yeah. Not much. Reading ain’t going so well today. And, mind you, it’s not yet eleven in the morning.

I put up a little something in the comment section an hour or so ago, and it went and led to a whole post. Go figure.

Just about everything you need to know about the upcoming three weeks or so of racing is being written over at A good overview at too. I look to have more content regarding the Classics hitting DC in the coming days. They truly are the best cycling has to offer.

And, as a side note, it appears my little issue with Lancey Pants Tour Saturation has passed. And thank fucking god for that. Miserable riding in atrocious conditions by mindless drugged out zombies who can churn out wattage all day long? Must be spring. I love this shit, son!

Velonews has a whole article on the upcoming week’s highlights that’s definitely worth reading.

Without question, the main feature is the Tour of Flanders on Sunday. In cycling-crazed Belgium, this is their Super Bowl.

The entire nation seems to come to a standstill to watch the 258.9km battle from Brugge to Meerbeke (with plenty of beer-drinking along the way). This year’s route features 16 of the infamous cobble-stoned climb where most of the major attacks go down.

Beer + Pain = Fun. Especially when it’s someone else’s pain and my beer. Will “Coke Party” Boonen pull the hat trick? Can “Gorgeous George” Hincapie (finally) deliver the goods? Gorgeous is way past due, and this is his kind of racing. It’s a shame he threw his best years away carrying Lance’s raincoat. I hope it was worth it.

Jeff “friend of drunkcyclist” Louder just took Redlands. Good on ya. He’s one hell of nice guy. How do I know that? I loaned him a pump once. He could not believe Snake and I drank beer on Tuesday afternoon before the Wednesday ride in Tucson. Look man, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you’re going to get dropped early (as I often do), I say do it with a head full of hornets and a heart full of memories.

Our boy Jeff will be flying across the pond soon to mix it up on the cobbles with the Big Boys. I would love to see him out front & in the wind, getting a little quality t.v. time for the sponsors. We’ll see, we’ll see. More on Louder’s big win at

Best of luck next week, Jeff.

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3 thoughts on “Monday is as Monday does

  1. Holy fuck. Sunday is going to be hell for my wife. Not only tour of Flanders, but it’s also ‘Starkbierzeit’. That means 12% double-bock going down like the sweet syrupy goodness it is. Drunk by noon, headache by 3 and asleep by 5.

    Good stuff.

  2. Another website to add to your cobbly enjoyment: A bit more restrained than this trainwreck but there are many VERY knowledgeable and rabid Tifosi that frequent the site. Live threads during racetime as well as live feed links are also posted up.

    It’ll go great w/ that Chimay in your fridge.