Mini Phinney is a world champ.

Taking the victory lap at the 'drome
Taking the victory lap at the 'drome

I mean, seriously, with parents by the name of Connie Carpenter-Phinney, and Davis Phinney, the genetics there are amazing. Add 2 great bike racers together, and out pops this kid, who at 18, is an elite world champion on the track. I’d say, that’s some pretty good work right there over in Poland.

It’s been what? 13 years since we had a male world champ on the track (that being Nothstein back in 1996 I think it was). I think we might see some even bigger and better things from Phinney in the near future, again, since he’s only 18 currently.

Nice work Taylor. Keep them coming.

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10 thoughts on “Mini Phinney is a world champ.

  1. His parents were both on the ’84 blood doping team and he quit Vaughter’s squad to work with Lance ‘never failed a test’ Pharmstrong.

    It’s walking and quacking like a duck…

  2. I was wondering how long it would take before someone here called him a doper. Maybe he’s right, but I don’t know enough about Davis Phinney to be convinced by floyd’s argument. This is a prime example of what sucks about the doping problems that plague the sport – if you are really good you are automatically dirty. Sure floyd is making his case by calling his parents’ dopers and saying he’s working with a doper, but if he stayed with Vaughters floyd would be bringing up that Vaughters was a doper. It’s a no win situation for Phinney. He can thank all of the dopers for that (and if he is a doper he can shove his world champion medal up his ass)…

  3. …re:– the reach around…thank god for full fingered cycling gloves…just sayin’…

    …& floyd:– put up or shut the fuck up…