Maybe Lance is like us?

Someone got a little boozy on the plane ride back from Spain.

Old Mr. Armstrong, living it up on the ride back to get his busted collarbone fixed up had a little extra drinky drink on the way back, and got cut off (apparently), and then passed out. Good times for all I’m sure. This, in my opinion, could totally redeem him in my eyes. Someone who can let it all hang out while flying, and get chastised for it by the flight crew, can’t be all bad can he? He likes his alcohol, so that firmly places him into our midst as a fellow drinker. Yes? No? Yeah, I know, he’s still kind of a prick.

On a totally different note. Some of you may remember a short while ago that I had lost my job due to overwhelming economic stresses placed on the automotive supplier business. Good news is, I just received another job offer. I’ll be working for the government now up near DC. Everything ended up working out well after all. Best part is, I got like a 2.5 month vacation. That ain’t all bad I can tell you.

I’ve got one more thing. What is it with all of this right winged assholes talking about, and complaining about Obama using a teleprompter? It’s like, all of a sudden, they just found out that the technology exists, and that Obama has some sort of unfair advantage because he’s using one. Look, I’m all about criticizing people, and criticizing our former, and current President is a favorite pastime of mine. Here’s the thing douchebags, do it on something that matters. Not whether or not the man uses a teleprompter to give a speech. I actually had someone tell me that if Obama is as smart as everyone says that he is, why doesn’t he just memorize all of his speeches? Yeah, and they were serious about it. If this is the strident critiques that they have of our current commander in chief, all I can say is, good luck in 2012. You’ll need it.

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About giantcu92

Engineer living in the NOVA, and working for "The Man". Cycling and political junky. All things 2 wheeled are good. 4 wheels? Eh, OK, but 2 wheels better. Washinton, DC, USA

12 thoughts on “Maybe Lance is like us?

  1. good riding up near DC. Might not be what you are used to but riding and racing scene is allrighty. check out MORE-MTB.ORG.

  2. Teleprompter??? Seriously??? thank god I am missing that whole idiotic nonsense. Over here, people are more concerned with shit that MATTERS.

  3. ya know….lance shits behind his shoes just like me and you….i’m not really fond of the guy, don’t know him…never met him…just not fond of him. most of the “pros” i’ve met are pretty unassuming. they just let they’re legs do the talking.

    he’s put himself under a lot of pressure with all the interviews/press conferences/smack talk/etc. a guy who expects excellence from himself and everyone around him needs to lead by example…all the time…and that’s a tough job ’cause everyone’s watching for one misstep. this little exhibition, if true, takes everyone’s eyes off the prize of his “cause”.

    just my two cents.

  4. Congrats on the jobby-job Giant.

    As for the teleprompter…laugh all you want at the Limbaugh minions taking up that cry. I think as a nation we’d be used to hearing shitty presidential speeches by now after 8 fucking years of the word “nucular.” However, let me toss a parallelism at ya…NATIONWIDE outrage at a measely $165 million to AIG execs – stoked by elected officials (who “accidently” allowed for them to be paid)…yet the $160 BILLION or so that was allotted as a bailout goes quietly “into the night.” Talk about missing the big picture.

  5. I agree, somehow, we have missed the bigger picture of the AIG bailout mess. I wasn’t so much outraged at that, as I was about just the appearance of it all. Know what I mean? It’s like how people were railing about “earmarks” in the recent budget that got passed, except that all of those earmarks equaled to less than 2 percent of the overall. Nobody cared about the other 98 percent, but for some reason, those 8000 some odd items were castigated as being stupid.

    Same thing happened when the Big 3 CEOs went to DC to ask for some money, and instead, they got yelled at because of using private transportation to get there. That was all grandstanding as well.

    Sometimes populist upheaval and or anger is misdirected.

  6. Welcome to the DC area. We have some great riding around here. We can’t wait to show you around.

  7. umm…anyone remember when bushie stopped mid sentence during a press conference because the teleprompter went blank? short memories over there on the right.
    ps. who gives a flying fuck???

  8. Yeah, Lance is JUST like us!…. Maybe now, he’ll spend some time with his kids?