Steel is real

I don’t a lot of “for sale” stuff on this site, but damn if this one ain’t gonna make someone real happy. Merckx MX Leader. One of the finest steel frames every made as far as I’m concerned.


From: Chris
58 c-c Frame, fork, headset, have matching Motorola jersey too, natch….open to trades, road or mountain

You can read Chris here: sbcinternational (at)

My garage is damn lucky that ain’t my size. Otherwise, I’d be trying to stuff another bike in there.

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9 thoughts on “Steel is real

  1. My garage is lucky I don’t have any money or I would be trying to cram another bike in it.

  2. …classy move, colonel sandbag…

    …nice of you to laugh at any man, no matter who he is or what you think of him, when he breaks his collarbone while riding his bike…

    …i certainly have folks i pretty much despise & i might be willing to get in their face & rip them a new one but it’s always my wish that they gain a little enlightenment & help solve whatever issues that are standing in our way…

    …i certainly don’t despise you dude but i’ve got a strong difference of opinion & i think that’s pretty much a dickhead move…

    …jusr sayin’…

  3. There is just something about steel. You can keep the new full carbon everything road bike and give me a steel lugged or welded frame any day of the week.

    I’m not sure a carbon bike can even have a soul.

  4. I have a single speed made out of that stuff. Lugs and all. My favorite bike by far.