Mark Cavendish has arrived

Cavendish is the goods. Full stop. Holy shit. I knew he was bringing a truck load of talent, but I didn’t know if he could pull out San Remo. And fuck if he didn’t uncork a beauty!

I see plenty of big wins in this kid’s future this year. Too early to start talking about the Classics of April? Too early to start talking about TDF stage wins and green jerseys?

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6 thoughts on “Mark Cavendish has arrived

  1. …so…after the ceremonies were over, after the flowers were swept up off the pavement & the crowds had all gone home, after all was said & done at milano – san remo, the winner, mark cavendish smiled over at tom boonen, who placed 15th & said “all you haters can suck my cool passing breeze”

    …actually, what the rightly irrepressible mr cavendish, who was feeling slighted by mr boonen’s remarks following tirreno-adriatico, said was “One of the sweetest things today was seeing Tom Boonen go past me backwards on the climbs.”

    …fucking love it…it ain’t talkin’ smack when you deliver the goods like young mr cavendish does…even his mentor, eric zabel, who pre-rode the course w/ cavendish & coached him to the win was reduced to tears…

  2. Isn’t it suspicious when someone is head and sholders above the rest. Usually it raises suspicions of doping doesn’t it?

  3. “head & shoulders above the rest” ???…wtf are you talking about ???…he beat haussler by a few centimeters…it was about leg speed, timing & throwing the bike at the precise moment…a meter past the line & haussler was back in front but cav nailed it perfectly…

    …read cavendish’s velonews interview…the man still races track on a world championship level just so he has that leg speed & timing…& having eric zabel, who won this race about a hundred times, pre-ride the important parts of the course w/ you several times & give you instructions & input on what to expect is a nice “ace in the hole”…

    …yer cynicism is understandable in one sense, pal, but sometimes plain ol’ hard work & preparation trumps all…

  4. I hope that Cav is clean, and given the state of the sport right now, and Columbia High Road’s stated mission, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If Haussler (who I believe slowed just a bit just before the line) had jumped maybe a second or two later, Cav could’ve gotten second, or who knows what chain of events even that slight timing difference would have caused.

    But yes, if Cav turns out to be another Ricco, it would be beyond devastating to any remaining credibility in the Sport.

  5. …if eric zabel hadn’t come totally & honestly clean about his past, which he did for the personal reason of making his son, a cyclist, aware of the pitfalls of pro-cycling, bob stapleton would not have allowed him to get w/in a hundred miles of young mr cavendish…