Biker Down Update

David Meeks may yet get his day in court.

Chattanooga police say a grand jury will hear the case of a bicyclist killed in a freak accident involving a delivery truck.
David L. Week of Red Bank died Friday after a saddle bag on his bicycle caught the sideboard of the truck that was passing him.

The 51-year-old Week was a regular commuter on his bicycle and ran a machine shop that made custom titanium bike frames.

The grand jury will review the case March 23.

Thanks for Dan from for the link.

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4 thoughts on “Biker Down Update

  1. Calling it a freak accident is an unlikely assumption. If a vehicle is close enough to snag a saddlebag, they are too close.

  2. Yea. But as noted before, they are saying he snagged his bag on the truck, not the other way. That will be the out the jury will need to justify it all.


  3. Was the bag a saddle bag, or a pannier? Big difference. Saddle bag goes under said saddle, a pannier clips on to side of bicycle.

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