Biker Down in Tucson

I’ve been away from the computer for a day or so (it’s been great, thanks) and I come back to these emails.

From: Nat
Subject: fucked up news – biker down
I was just riding out old spanish trial south of the park here in Tucson and the road was closed off because some driver took out a tanned dude on a blue trek (only saw his legs).

don’t know any more than that. Just turned around, rode home slow, and kinda quiet appreciating the fact that I am living, and the rubber is still rolling under me.

gonna go build a new and toast blue trek dude.

Peace, and happy riding.

This was two slots up in the inbox.

From: Erik R.
Subject: Tucson police officer killed in hit-from-behind accident while bicycling

More info:

If I’ve been on Old Spanish Trail once, I’ve been on it a hundred times. I know that road pretty well. Everyone in Tucson does. We’ve all ridden it. My condolences to his friends and family.

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3 thoughts on “Biker Down in Tucson

  1. The guy who was hit and killed was a off duty policeman that worked here in Tucson. Thats all I know. Yesterday my co-workers and I did a bike clinic here in Tucson for the Tucson Bike PD. At the start of our meeting they made the anouncement of this guy getting hit. Lets just say these guys were not happy.

    But one thing that I will be curious to see is what happens to a the driver of the car on this one compared to when a driver just hits a joe bag of donut rider like all of us who read this? As in what the fuck happend to the old guy who hit that joe in the El Tour de Tucson this year? Will the drivers be treated the same?

    What ever did happen with that??? My moto is “never forgive and never forget”…..

  2. Fucking bullshit. Rider is a rider is a rider.

    I DO think this guy will get the max BECAUSE he killed a police. THAT sucks. But I do hope that those guys who were there in the training have a bit more compassion and understanding after seeing one of their own go down.

    I doubt it tho.