Badda bing badda boom

Oh. Dear. God. Swedish Dance Bands From the 70’s. By the dozen. Want a taste? Sure ya do.


The Nob Candys? Oh, Bob Candys. My bad. Not like it’s much better….

See the rest of that trainwreck here: dance bands

Ever think to yourself as you sit on your back porch and look out at the lawn, “You know what this need? 54 beer kegs…”

Your prayers have been answered. Our own dear Hell Belly is your boy.…54 SS Beer Kegs – $1100 (Flagstaff)

You know what I always say. I say “Fuck it.”

All nonsense aside, I was playing that vid, got bored, started typing some shit in a different tab, got more bored, went back… I made it to 2:55. Fuck…

Skateboarding is still a crime.

Some things never change, do they?

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5 thoughts on “Badda bing badda boom

  1. i made it through 12 minutes of the video. i thought my brain was going to implode.


  2. Ethnic sent me the Swede link a while ago – some real great ones there for sure…..
    ….I now understand the Hives…

  3. Couldn’t resist writing to the entire municipal team of Milton, Florida…



    I am writing from Paris, France. This is only significant in so far as the absolute assanine stupidity of the Milton Police department has reached our shores, many many miles away, thanks in part to the YouTube video incident in your municipal skatepark.

    In a time went American stupidty and moronic behaviour has theoretically been revised with the election of a new President and the hope of a more “intelligent” America in the hearts and minds of practically every human being on Earth, the actions and “regulations” displayed by your municipal employees in this video are quite disconcerting.

    I would hope that simply being a small town in Florida is not misconstrued as an excuse to display such incongruent, idiotic, illogical and embarrasing behaviour.

    At any rate, I will do my part, at home and abroad, to make sure an enormous number of people see this video on Milton, Florida.

    Kind regards,

    David Smith
    Paris, France