Monday morning quarterback’n it up

Done with a solid round of testing and feeling like a truck ran me over. Go figure. Seems it goes together. Hand in hand. Like peas and carrots. Butter on toast. Whatever. Well, lookie here: Flagstaff, Arizona, made the top ten list of “Ten Least Affordable Cities with a Population Under 500,000.” (Source: Awesome. Good job, Flagstaff. Way to keep it real. All you kids hollar’n ’bout the “sacrifice” it takes to make it in Flagstaff can keep on shouting at the wind for all I care. I’ve got a pot of coffee on. And that’s about as far as I can see this morning.

Doping is as doping does: of doping cases in cycling
Fixie is as fixie does:
Fresh, fly & ultra:

And now for something completely different…

Wow. The stars in the Limbaugh Party are Sarah “Moose” Palin, Bobby “Jack McBrayer” Jindal, and Joe “the Village Idiot” Wurzelbacher. I would invoke the “soft bigotry of low expectations” concept here, but “low expectations” is actually a flatteringly high bar for a group of people who seem to have honed their political skills at clown school.
Sourced here somewhere:

The best and the brightest? I think not.

No idea where I ever found this image. But it’s cool and it’s Monday.


Download the full size image here

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8 thoughts on “Monday morning quarterback’n it up

  1. It is simply inconceivable that the Repmocrats can be so stupid. My guess? The smart ones are hanging back until the 2010 election season before trying to put forth any viable platform or candidates. The entire world is waiting to see if Obama can work a miracle (he can’t, obviously) and the 2010 election season will be about the time the blush comes off that rose.

    Will the Repmocrats have the balls to actually attempt fiscal conservatism and try to, you know, work our way out of this mess instead of mortgaging our grandchildren’s future? Probably not. Hear that tinkling sound? It’s the sound of our urine falling our our children’s heads.

    Cheerful as always,


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    huh.whuh. wha?

    sorry, i fell asleep on my keyboard. good one, mikey.

  3. holy fuck. that was the most hilarious thing i’ve ever seen. no wait. it was disgusting. holy fucking shit. that was fucking funny and horrible and hiliarious. i’m puking. no wait, i’m peeing. fuck. i am SO confused.

  4. DAMN but that Wikipedia list is…well…damning. To professional cycling, I mean. I just rewatched the 02 Tour on DVD…and it was like…guilty…guilty…guilty…oh, LANCE.

  5. Cake farts ?

    Huh ??


    What the fuck ????????


  6. (3) D2:

    Q: what did that douchebag dave say when he farted on his boyfriend’s dick?
    A: “my bad! i didn’t know you were in!”