This Ain’t Girl Scout Cookies, you Idiot.

it is the revenge of the exploded. finally, after decades of reconstruction and recovering, the japanish have made their way into the world of extreme snacks. they have busted into it with a vengeance, just as we should expect after having busted the socks off of two of their best towns. we are american dicks, and we deserved this. just wait till you see the hybrids that come popping out of iraq in about 60 years. the world will be voting with their money, and america will lose. just like we are about to with these fucking chips. PED’s, eat out your hearts. America – put on our thinking helmets and come up with a more extreme snack sack. i DARE you.


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About Snake Hawk

good, bad, funny, sad, stupid, rad, has, had. non-joining funhaver from coast to coast(er brake). buster of the chops, drawer of the logos. North Carolina, USA

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