Vandenbroucke defends dirty

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Humpty popped this up in the comment section the other day. has a little ditty from everyone’s favorite dirty-dirty Belgian L’enfant terrible. Well, read it. VDB. What more can you say?

Dude is nuts.

Vandenbroucke fought with equal dirty weapons
Frank Vandenbroucke said that he won Liège-Bastogne-Liège in 1999 “honestly”, because he and all the other top riders were all using the same doping preparations.

In an interview with the Belgian men’s magazine Che, he said, he won the race “in an honest manner. Because I am 100 percent certain that I had taken nothing differently that day than the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth place finishers. Everyone rode with the same thing in himself, we fought with equal weapons.

“Therefore it was an honest race, with an honest result. That day, or rather that year, I was the best of all. Everybody in the peloton knew it.”

The 34-year-old said that new drugs were introduced into the peloton by “pioneers”. According to, which reported the interview, he said that the Italian team Gewiss “was the EPO pioneer, everyone knew that. Furlan, Berzin, Argentin … there is a reason why at a certain moment some men are riding 10 kilometre per hour faster than the others.”

Vandenbroucke, who will ride this season for the Belgian-Australian Continental team Fuga-Down Under, regretted never having “had the chance to be a pioneer, to try out new doping products first.” He said that if he had had the chance, he “would have done it without doubt. …. Everyone would have seized that chance. Nobody should be hypocritical about that!”

Some of his major victories did come while he was not doped, Vandenbroucke insisted. In 1994 he won the Queen Stage of the Tour Méditerranéen, ahead of riders “with a hematocrit of 60. Mine was 42!”

Vandenbroucke ranked that mountaintop finish as greater than his later win in L-B-L. “Because I fought them with unequal resource. They had been prepared by their doping doctors Michele Ferrari and Luigi Cecchini. Whereas I … I rode, so to speak, on bread and water.”(SW)

I agree with him. And I need to say it considering the recent conversations around these parts regarding Lance Armstrong. I don’t so much care that Amstrong or Vandenbroucke  doped (PED’s)- because absolutely everyone else did it. The part I do not like is the lies. Armstrong continues to deny he took anything during a time when pro cycling was literally awash in drugs. He thinks we’re all fucking stupid. And don’t even get me started on his rabid supporters. Deny, deny, deny.

Yeah. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

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16 Replies to “Vandenbroucke defends dirty”

  1. VDB is awesome! The guy slays me. The should give him a Maury-esk talk show…it would be epic!

  2. By the way…new Andy Hampsten interview over at Belgium Knee Warmers and it’s pretty damn cool.

  3. Dude is full-on wack.

    And Jonny- it’s okay for VDB et al to dope, but not Lance? Blinders on?

  4. …just spent a lotta time on google maps looking at egypt…they, ah, spell it differently over there…

    …& nobody in cycling sez total wack like ol’ frankie vandenbroucke…speaking of which, ya just gotta admire a guy who is emotionally all over the map like that …

  5. Mikwy – “The part I do not like is the lies. Armstrong continues to deny he took anything during a time when pro cycling was literally awash in drugs. He thinks we’re all fucking stupid.” Read. Read. Read. It’s not that tough.

  6. Mikey…VDB’s not lying about the fact that he doped. Lance is and apparently “thinks we’re all fucking stupid.” He rode guys off his wheel for seven years who’ve been busted or owned up to it. Andreu had to juice just to keep tempo for him.

    If you’re such a big fan of his, stand up and ask that he stop denying it.

  7. Snake Hawk, Brian-

    I am not “such a fan” of Armstrong. How can you say he’s doping or lying with absolutely no evidence? You’re just making it up. That’s what I object to.

  8. Yo Mikey its me, LA. (harp sound) I just have a bigger heart than everyone else… While on a training ride one day I was pushing really hard for Jesus and riding into the light when I realized I could grow my heart much like a calf or thigh muscle, simply by training and praying. I’ve found riding in the rain exacerbates this phenomenon. Thanks for speading the good old truth. (lightening flash with thunder) (freewheel sound) (bible dropping) LA out.

  9. par for the course with this guy. I still think the funniest shit is how he registered for a race (in Italy??) using a fake ID with Boonen’s picture on it. Guy is either a complete whack job or a semi-whack/semi-smartass mofo.
    At least he tells it like it is for the most part.

  10. Fancy Pants Lance Menance…hilfuckinglarious.

    People want to know what I am on…..What am I on??? I am on my bike busting my ass 6 hours a day….that’s what I am on.

  11. Humpty, you don’t think that everyone else is on their bikes 6 hours a day as well? If you don’t think that they are, you’re smoking something. I’m just saying…

  12. giant – humpty was just quoting an “oh snap, girl!” moment of pance hamstring’s. some commercial or something. ‘sall.