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25 Replies to “Posse Time”

  1. i just have an urge to photoshop that image to make it say “VDB has a pussy”

    5’4″ and 120 pounds sounds more like someone with a pussy than a dick

  2. Not sure I’m following this. You’re celebrating someone bragging about there being “honor among thieves” ??

    VDB is a douche-bag.

  3. I’m not sure if I follow you, Kernal. You’re saying you would rather have them all lie? Or perhaps you think VDB is a novelty and a fluk amoong a bunch of natural “try-harders”?

    I only appreciate a man that calls it like he sees it, and in that, is only stating how it REALLY is.

    Anyone who thinks that PED’s and doping are unjust rarities, is simply not aware.

    this again comes back to the lies and the chumptastic fans that chew that shit up. Deceit. How is that OK? How is that passable in any arena?

    Those who lie, are the douchebags.

    Plain and simple logic.

  4. I’ll toast some mashed potatoes and gravy to that, Gnome.

    Ironically enough, I supported Kernal’s posse today during lunch, so thank you for the big box meal.

  5. “Therefore it was an honest race, with an honest result……”

    That’s not lying ?? It wasn’t an honest race. It was a race full of doped up assholes. As they’ve all been for past Gawd knows how many decades. LA’s run of 7 included.

    All VDB really seems to do in that interview is whine about how he would have won PED’s or not. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll never know. Even the one race he brags about winning dope-free is suspect.

    And I don’t like gw’s post either. I prefer….”5′ 4″ ?? Jesus. I’ve take shits bigger than that.”

  6. Gnome, I understand what you are saying about honesty, but wasn’t VDB the one claiming the doping products were for his dog? How long was he using and denying and lying? He’s got nothing to lose now to speak the truth. As much as I appreciate his honesty now, it’s a little too late for me to see him in a positive light. Besides, it’s not like he’s saying that it was bad and he should have called out the dopers instead of becoming one – he’s saying he wishes he was the first. The only regret that he has is that someone got to try the new drugs before him.

  7. “Ironically enough, I supported Kernal’s posse today during lunch, so thank you for the big box meal.”

    If you add up the worst numbers in the big box meal it comes to 1100 calories and almost 100 grams of fat.

    Saw a fat bastard eat 2 once. Ugh.

    Kernel’s question of the day: Pound for pound what has the most fat at KFC ?

  8. “Therefore it was an honest race, with an honest result……”

    that is a matter of logic. VDB represents more than just himself in that interview. Keep in mind that ego is what drives competition, but more importantly, his exposê wa indicative of the mentality that is pervasive in the pelican. His timing is as benign as Riis’ in regard to damage. And shit, Riis is the unofficial head of PED control these days and that dude was doped to the gills, and denied it until it was advantageous for him to spill the pills.

    Again, it’s not like what VDB is saying is an account of an extraordinary thing. He was in line with everyone else who was on the PED’s bus. He’s saying the race was as equal as if noone had been juiced (at least for the top five) and then he goes on to talk about the 10 kph difference and jesus, the guy is spilling more about the system of cycling than anyone, and he’s doing it completely from the hip, with no consideration for self.

    If LA was as brash & honest, I’d dig him too, but, he’s just a goddamned politician, protecting a cash flow and people are making fucking truckloads of cash because of it. That is corruption no different than wall street, and how do all ya’ll feel about bankers these days?

    And yes, it’s also a gray area of lying (in regard to VDB) depending on one’s bias.

    I also simply dig anyone who throws stones. I’m not one for sitting-in.

  9. “Riis is the unofficial head of PED control these days” but I dont trust him…something smells like Kippered Snacks where that guy is concerned. Going from Mr. 50% to squeaky clean? No way. Winning teams make money and doping is about making money.

  10. No qualms about him admitting it. Wish they all would. It’s just so obvious they all do, I can’t believe this conversation is even necessary.

    VDB just came across as a smug asshole in that interview. How, drugs or no, he’s all that and a bag o’ chips.

    QOD answer: The biscuits have the highest fat count at KFC pound for pound.

    I’m a biscuit and gravy freak so that amazed me.

  11. I think it comes down to one of two options in this case, and VDB chose to eventually own up and admit he was a lying doper. Yeah, he certainly slung the BS with the best as far as excuses, but I suppose eventually some bottom out and figure, wtf, nowhere to go but honest now. So now he owns up, as opposed to some others who still blame global warming, vanishing twins, dogs, satan, french newspapers etc.
    Ultimately VDB probably has bigger issues. Seems like a lot of these guys are like thoroughbreds–fast as hell and about half crazy.

  12. the guy is spilling more about the system of cycling than anyone, and he’s doing it completely from the hip, with no consideration for self.

    I’m uhhh…..gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you on that one. I’m grateful that the layers of deception surrounding the sport continue to be peeled back, but this seemed far more like a carefully calculated Riisian move than it did a spontaneous soul-cleansing confession. Still, as copping to cheating goes it wasn’t bad; I’ll give it an A-Rod minus.

  13. Well, maybe. Apparently there is no consequence at this point.

    I didn’t take it as a guilted confession. I saw it as an egotistical trumpeting and in that, revealing of the system as a whole.

  14. Fuck it. Cat’s out of the bag. Not that that’s news or anything. Let ’em run what they brung, I say. Be fun watching ’em blow up and shit, anyway. Bonus-All them WADA tools would have to go back to flipping burgers or whatever.

  15. …therein lies a (somewhat) interesting question…

    …how many people are gainfully employed as “piss-testers” in the world of cycling alone ???…w/ multiple races & split ‘mega-teams’ all over the globe plus off-season testing when racers, both guys (& chicks) are on vacation…
    …i imagine testers prob’ly travel in pairs so there can be no questioned improprieties…

    …anybody got any clues ???…(an) inquiring mind(s) want to know…

  16. And it only gets deeper when you consider those who have a major interest in funding for their own research. Doping is a big problem, give us a couple million in grants so we can develope tests, analyze physiological indicators, side effects etc.
    The researchers are some brilliant people, but my opinion of the actual testing labs is low. There are people in those labs punching the clock for a paycheck, and the validity/accuracy/consistency of their work is definitely suspect at times, which is half of what gave Floyd any case at all (although dodging some of the fundamental issue).
    If I was a pro I would be nervous any time I was tested. Statistics can always strike against you. One wrong number in a lab notebook could set things spinning, and I think the average lab rat is more likely to cover this up to save face than own up to a mistake. Seen this happen first hand.

  17. Good article, thanks for the link.

    “Strauss also said that the criteria for a positive result can and do vary from one lab to another”

    just to help throw a little more confusion into it all. I am sure the labs are all spot on consistent for the cycling test though.

    And I am really sure the cyclists and their trainers have no idea what the labs are capable of finding and not finding.

  18. And I am really sure the cyclists and their trainers have no idea what the labs are capable of finding and not finding.

    I’m guessing that there are entities on the competitive side of the sport that have the knowledge, contacts, and resources to stay abreast of the latest developments in testing.