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27 thoughts on “Can you hear it?

  1. It sucks. At 19, it is enough to make me wish to smack someone.

    Oh wait, here comes someone to smack…….

    That is better.

  2. 49 & counting. heard it just fine. damn, that IS annoying.

    not as annoying as hearing the ex-wife tho.

  3. I’m 42…I heard it with my head phones on…but couldn’t through my laptop speakers…what does that mean? shitty speakers?

  4. I thought I could hear it and I’m almost 50. Didn’t it say “GET A JOB” over and over and over?

  5. 34 and it annoyed me so bad I had to leave the room…no loitering allow in my own house, I guess.

  6. 36 and I heard it fine. It said “shoot shoot shoot”… oh wait, that’s my Ozzy album talking to me again. It says they play this in malls to prevent loitering. Like I needed another reason to avoid shopping malls.

  7. i am so hardcore from going to so many punk, hardcore, metal, and gothical shows that i can’t even hear that sound. i can hear the sound of a beer going down my neck. i can hear the sound of my muscles ripping my business slacks. i can hear the sound of my fucking bank account overflowing like a hot tub full of bitches. i can hear you being about half as gnar as i am when the saturday pelican rolls out of the treck store parking lot. i can hear the sound of children in africa benefitting from the diamond mining industry. i can hear america pulling itself up by the bootstraps and putting fake flowers in abu grahib. i can hear the chiseled rugged good looks of my sunglasses being more manly than george clooney jackhammering a hole in the hood of an H2 in order to rescue spring break with his bare hands. i can hear you all not hearing any of that.

  8. “more manly than george clooney jackhammering a hole in the hood of an H2 in order to rescue spring break with his bare hands.”

    Probably the funniest things I have read this year.

  9. This post and it’s responses are why I love Drunk Cyclist. Plus…i’ve had 64 oz of fat tire or so…either way, I’m laughing. boooooooooooooooong.

  10. Heard it. just 37.

    The interesting thing is my dog really reacted to it, jumped up, ears back, looking around…

  11. 43 and heard it just fine….my 53 year old wife and 52 year old housemate were at a loss though.

  12. 31 here, and I heard it. And that’s after four years of working on loud aircraft in the military…so I’m a walking mystery. Donations and beer can be sent to the following address…

  13. I heard it, but the gtr player and drummer in the room with me did not.
    Wear hearing protection at those shows, people.
    and if you practice loud.

  14. Oh, and if you didn’t hear it, get yer shit checked out. Not just that flute & violins are often better than sex & violence, but often times they can do something about hearing loss.