Americer than You.

This is probably the most American thing I have ever seen. It’s a picture of Big Jonny, aka George Clooney, on a battlefield jackhammering his way through the hood of an H2 so that he can save spring break with his bare hands. If you voted for Obama, you probably won’t even be able to see this image, but if you’re under 25, you’ll be able to hear it.


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About Snake Hawk

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10 thoughts on “Americer than You.

  1. I think i just pee’d myself a little.
    But what I’d like to know is, do you use a tablet or mouse (when in p-shop mode)?

  2. I didnt get it, so I emailed it to my brother in the USMC. He is republican, NRA, etc. He said it is sacriligious, and just plain wrong. He says you are the exact kind of person ruining the automotive and petroleum industries, and that America was based on just going along with things, not on open revolution. This confuses me and makes my head hurt. I’m going to go ride my bike.

  3. bp – i’m using the fricken hand toucher pad. no-tech over here. also, i’m using some foster’s bitter. big cans for big checklists.

    are pc people able to see this shit? i am pretty web-tarded. prolly my fault.

  4. I hear it loud and clear…

    Snake Hawk, no tech? You do realize its 2009, don’t you?

    But you are on a Mac, so in my eyes your centuries ahead of everybody else…

  5. guys i’m having a hard time today. i’m feeling very sensitive. very fragile. i have stopped believing in the lord, and i’m not that into chicks anymore. i’ve taken a turn for the gaytheist.

    PSYCH!!!!!!! AMARICAN!!!!! FUCKIN’ DIE, FOREIGN!!! HA!!!!!