My computer weights a metric shit ton son.


Hey Jonny,
say it with me, METRIC SHIT TON SON

oh yeah thats a pork chop on the computers left. Reminded me of you!

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13 thoughts on “My computer weights a metric shit ton son.

  1. So, does this mean all of those emails I keep trashing stating I can make $5k a month on my computer at home actually have some merit?

  2. my dick is long I scratch my mind sometimes I think about life n shit sometime that shit is rough

  3. Just kidding on the law school thing. Good option…and truthfully…I probably made half of what is on that computer…but…my life is good. Just if med bills would go away I might actually be able to live it up a little. Lets hope that my place of work keeps up what it has been. Lately its been…economy go down…people eating sushi goes up…explain that.

  4. Someone and their roomies must have gotten paid.

    “Hey, can I borrow some 20’s and singles to make this shit appear phat before you guys go to ze market?”