Let’s Start A War….

Once in a while you’re gonna run across some REALLY stupid shit, especially if you’re rocking Drunkcyclist.com up in your favorites bar. When I ran across this bitch’s pathological mania this morning, I about sent the morning business out the door early.


Crazy Bitch’s Nonsense

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31 thoughts on “Let’s Start A War….

  1. Fuckin’ nuts.

    That’s all I’ve got to say about her.

    Now, in related news, I’ve finally discovered the best exemplification of the difference between conservatives and liberals:

    Liberals saw Bush was failing and was hoping he’d do better. Conservatives didn’t wait to see if Obama would do better and have been hoping he’d fail since before he had even gotten in to office.

  2. Ahem…

    You’re kidding right? The entire STR site is a joke.

    They post comments from “George W. Bush” about all of the great advice he has received from them…

    They put pictures of naked German boobies up as an example of how evil and perverse the German people are…

    Their views on animal rights are my favorite part of the site. And I quote, “Maybe we can learn something from Barack Obama’s negro relatives in Africa. Not only does the gorilla meat taste amazing (I ate it myself on my last safari tour) but those stupid big monkey are a real danger to smaller and much cuter monkies. To kill them means to give other monkies the gift of life.”

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Satire is a bitch.

    Oh wait… I get it! You’re being satirical yourself! Right! Right?


  3. yo, i’m way too serious first thing in the morning. I get out of bed, grab my hammer and make sure nobody’s hiding behind the coffee pot. my bad. i guess it’s funny? i guess. joke’s on me.

  4. Usually I reserve that kind of hate for the evening hours. The only thing that could change that guy’s mind is a long civil discussion over pitchers of beer and then a bike ride on a Trek Lime. The Trek Lime, bringing liberals and conservatives to mutual understanding one automatic shift at a time.
    Sidebar: Is it possible to be a conservative liberal/democrat?

  5. holy piss! not working in a shop for the past 4 years has really helped my perspective. TREK LIME RULES!!!!! it’s the shopping mall of bikes from the shopping mall of bike companies, and what’s even better is the fucking sick gnar flash intro! trek gave back to the movement by hiring fixed gear freestylers to do the stunt riding. i’m once again stoked on our country. Thanks, Trek Lime!

  6. “Sidebar: Is it possible to be a conservative liberal/democrat?”

    Broseph, et al-

    No, at least not in public.

    In the old days, conservatism had two facets: fiscal and moral.

    Fiscal conservatism is dead. All hail the gold Visa card with double points and a special introductory interest rate.

    Moral conservatism is dying. These days, it’s equivalent to fundamental religionism, which amounts to willful ignorance.

    So today, your only choices are “Liberalism” or self-centered stupidity. It is possible to choose both, of course, you just have to use different catch phrases.

  7. Is the TREK LIME as brilliantly awesome as say…Bud Lite Lime?
    HA. satire rocks ass. Does n-e-one think I give two shits?

  8. I hate fucking idiots. I hope whoever this is gets hit by a fucking bus. Dumb shit.

    People like this is the reason that the rest of the world hates us.

  9. A cross on the address bar is always a bad sign.

    A bonus is she’s sending traffic to my youtube page. The high speed car chase video is from my youtube channel. LMAO!

  10. “reality is the best form of parody”
    can’t you shoot these people in self-defense? driving a hummer to defeat the liberal agenda? there aren’t enough swear-words in english and french combined to cover that kind of stupidity -much love from canada! (not hate!)

  11. You fuckers are all atheists y liberals here & you haven’t ever heard of Poe’s Law?

    The crazier these fundy groups get, the harder it is to recognize who is serious & who is satire.

  12. That can`t be real ! People arn`t that stupid are they ? ………………………..are they ?

  13. It’s a woman, not a guy – read the BLOG. She’s truly a dipshit, but intelligent enough to write. Anyway, send her an email.


    Wow, ignorance really is pervasive. People actually think BICYCLES are a THREAT – as though CAR CULTURE is perfectly natural and sane???

    She mentions China, not making the connection that first of all, I have yet to see CHINESE bicycles and bicycle components (TAIWAN notwithstanding) However, WAL MART would not be possible without pervasive CAR CULTURE and WAL MART is the driving force in the CHINA-FI-CATION of the UNITED STATES> Iditiotic bitch moron doesn’t make the connection – let’s help her out. It’s God’s will. Heh.

  14. I’m calling bullshit on Shelley the Republican.

    I smelt the rat when I saw “Linux Users” on gods hitlist.

  15. “The other type of cycling is called “Road Racing” a preposterous sport which is mainly popular amongst the homosexual community. Most Americans do not regard this as a true sport, because the chief objective is to pose in the absurd skin-tight ‘fashions’. This probably explains why road-cycling is the most popular sport in France. It’s just typical that a degenerate, liberal, godless nation like the French would adopt a sport which involves adult men spending hours staring at each other’s butts!”

  16. i am proof that she is wrong about living past 30 on a diet of drugs and alcohol. although i agree with her on the road cyclists thing

  17. Cary said: “Fascism will come to this country wrapped in an American flag and carrying a cross.”

    Wow. Lotta truth in those words.

  18. “While driving to witness?last?Friday,?I had to go through Harvard Sq. ”

    It’s a joke, people.

  19. Let this be a lesson to all who enter this site:

    Even a website known as Drunkcyclist can provide some socially redeeming value (though I’m lamenting the dropoff in porn after the recent spike).

    I had never heard of Poe’s Law, so I googled it, and came up with this:


    “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.”

    It also lists ‘Poe’s Paradox’ as “In any fundamentalist group where Poe’s Law applies, a paradox exists where any new person (or idea) sufficiently fundamentalist to be accepted by the group, is likely to be so ridiculous that they risk being rejected as a parodist (or parody).”

    further down the page, under the heading ‘known parodies’, it lists:

    “Shelley the Republican— Obviously parody. Or is it? ”

    Thank you mxracer652.