Not Burt Reynolds’s Ass

But not much prettier. What the hell. My pixel weighs a ton. Why not an art picture? Art picture:


Oh and since you never answer your damned phone – Congratulations, Husky……

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14 thoughts on “Not Burt Reynolds’s Ass

  1. Sanke, Just one question. I don;t care either way, but I hate people who can’t except who they are. You Gay?

  2. And…about that shit awesome picher, is that the road back from kirkwood or the road to it? Knew it looked familiar. sweet burt reynolds’es’s baby skin ass to you my brother.

  3. Excrement. I mean Excellent.

    I’m expecting to see you grace the cover of Juxtapox any month now.

  4. I woke up this morning, like every morning, & fiddled with the interwebz, and then seen this again. I still like it.

    The day is going to be happy and pukey all at the same time now.

    Many Thanks SH!

  5. Matter not I guess, I just didn’t get the Burt reynold post. And with the gay porn now on the back cover well I just wonder, unique art either way seems to stick to a theme, I just carn’t figure it out, that one drunk or not, I guess were all gay in one way.