Pineapple update

Tubs ‘o fun texted me about his “race” weekend a 4:45pm yesterday, nearly five hours into the event.

From: Pineapple
7 beers 3 shots of plink no riding

Let the good times roll. Or, in your case, sit. Still, pretty good work for five hours of hanging out in the desert. Two drinks an hour over five hours sounds easy till you try it. And then, you must realize our boy Pineapple can maintain that workload for hours. You just can’t do that kind of effort without a good, solid base. I can tell he didn’t slack off over the holidays, like a lot of the pretenders out there did.

Another message came in this morning. No text. The photo says it all: Glory.


Looks like someone put in some work late night. Good on ya.

I wonder what the Gnome is doing right now…

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10 thoughts on “Pineapple update

  1. Er, I meant what’s it called. Not “Plink” but “Pelinko…”. So I can go buy a bottle.

  2. Plink can be had all over NE US, or where there’s a large Eastern European population nearby.

  3. By the way, I like Schlibovitz, not Pelinkovich.
    Can you catch the movie reference?

  4. I was there to abide.

    I pulled one lap on Saturday, just to see what the course was like. I never touched the bike again after that. The place was a zoo full of fun. It was too cold too. And the beer, just right.