I have become a statistic…

On Tuesday afternoon, at about 2PM, I became a statistic (again). I got laid off from my job that I have only been at for about 8 months now. Now I am one of the MANY out there in this country, who are unemployed. Since it has only been a couple of days, I am not really sure what my job prospects are, but I’ll keep looking, sending out resumes to various places, and if need be, I’ll take a crappy job somewhere to make the ends meet. The upside to this, is I won’t be working 70 hours per week any longer, which has been my regular schedule for about the last 3-4 months, and I won’t be getting late night calls from people that I work with. The other upside, is that I will have plenty of time to ride the bike now, and the weather in the mountains of NC has been nice this last week. OK, yesterday kind of sucked, but today, it’s clear, and plenty windy. I think a mountain bike ride is in order, having some of the best trails in the country right down the street from where I live is a bonus.

Here’s how it went down. We had our quarterly employee meeting on Monday. Where the first part of the meeting went along the lines of, “2008 was a stellar year for us, we doubled the profit that we projected that we would make, and we met or exceeded ALL of the goals that we set out for the compan.” So that was the good part. And the company that I did work for, we did bust our hump, and we did meet or exceed everything that was asked of us, so we will end up getting (hopefully) a 15% bonus, which will be a nice chunk of change right about the time my severance package is over and done with in April. 

Then, they moved on to the bad news. Bad news was, they were laying off 150 people (out of about 700 that worked there), and it would be throughout the plant. Salaried, and hourly employees, and it would be based on, yes, seniority. In the department that I worked in,  was the LOW man on the totem pole. So Monday night, I started to prepare myself for getting bounced out the front door on Tuesday, and sure enough, I did. I mean, it’s a good thing that I moved across the State for this job, bought a house, moved away from all of my friends, started a new life, and BAM! It basically gets taken away from you in a 5 minute meeting with your boss the HR woman. Yeah, it sucks. Thing is, you’re laid off, but damn, it just feels like you got fired. 

Anyway, if anyone wants to send donations of beer, and or food, damn right I’ll take them. Even in these downward trending times, I am still going to have a party on April 5th (I think it’s April 5th) to celebrate the running of the Ronde van Vlanderaan (I’m sure I spelled that shit wrong, but fuck it, I don’t feel like looking it up right now). What I do is, make homemade frites and mayo, and folks bring their best or favorite Belgian beer. If you’re in the Asheville, NC area on, or around that date, let me know, you’ll get an invite.

Oh, and I should be able to opine more, now that I don’t have a job.

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18 thoughts on “I have become a statistic…

  1. Sorry to hear it man. Good luck with the job hunt.

    Hopefully you can find something in the same area, Asheville is a nice place. Good trails, great hiking, etc.

    The weather in NC has been crazy nice the last few days. Ive logged more miles in the last week than the entire months of December and January combined.

  2. Good luck on the job hunt. Up here in the Detroit area, it seems like we hear about a riding buddy getting the boot on a daily basis. Hard times for sure.

  3. Sorry to hear that the economy has bitten you in the ass. Keep your head up, I think you’ve got the right attitude about the whole thing.

  4. Head up, man…hope things turn around soon. We had to lay off two last week, including a 20-year guy. This is sucking for sure.

  5. Don’t quietly about this.

    If you pulled up stakes, moved across the state, bought a house, etc., because of this job, and then they pull the rug out from under you that quickly, you may have a legal claim. Promissory estoppel, etc.

    The rub is that in order to get the severance you have to waive your rights to sue, which is probably what you’ve already done.

    If not, go find an employment lawyer and have a chat.

  6. Hey man,

    I’ve been unemployed since last August. The market is awful, but something’s bound to come along…unless you’re completely unqualified for pretty much everything, in which case you’re screwed. Like me.

  7. sorry to hear it man, who were you with in Asheville? (grew up there, now in Greensboro) My bro got laid off here in in the boro and is actually trying to get into the market back in Asheville. (maybe a bad move right now) Good luck with the hunt, glad to hear from another Ashevillite here on DC

  8. HAHA Selling dope and ass are about the only jobs on the rise.

    With the exception of selling jobs overseas like we have done the last 8 years. but some might call that whoring as well

  9. Wish you the best of luck finding a new job. Enjoy some time on the bike while you can. You’ll be back to 70 hours a week in no time.

    I am ABOUT to sell my house to relocate for a job I have been at since May of last year. You story makes me a bit nervous. Fuck it, can’t live life in fear.

  10. I was working for BorgWarner Turbo and Emissions Systems in Asheville. Turbo market was doing good, like I said, last year we were gangbusters, but alas, good times came to an end. We knew we were going to be in trouble when CAT laid off 20,000+ people, and here we have the trickle down. I did look over the note I signed for severance, nothing on there about waiving legal rights, I checked before signing just in case. Being an at will employee though, I sort of waived my rights when I signed on, as in, they can get rid of me for any reason, at any point in time. Legal ramifications are probably nil in this case. I will be selling some spare bike stuff I’ve got. If someone needs a brand new set of FSA carbon cranks, let me know. I’ll have a set up for grabs shortly. Anyway, something will come up. I have over 15 years in my field, so I can’t go without for too long. If so, hell, I’ll find a shitty retail job somewhere, and do that for awhile, and let my wife bring in the bacon (she’s got a decent job). I feel like shit about it, losing the job, but how else are you supposed to feel in the first few days? I know what is needed. More beer. I’m gonna head to the store and get some.

  11. I was working as a temp at all these different jobs and i got tired of all the assholes hitting on me. Finaly I said fuck it and told the last guy that i’d suck his dick for a $1,000. More money than I made is a pay period. I have never looked back. now they are out of work now and cant afford me. hahahahaha

  12. I live in asheville and work at Carolina Fatz. Stop in and let us know the scoop on the Party.