Pour me a tall draft of Stormy

Oh hell, why not? She can’t me more fucked up than David Vitter. At least she’s telling you what she’s doing. That’s gotta be worth something, right? At least a couple of laughs.


Remember the Craigslist ad seeking a female with “a history in some aspect of the adult entertainment industry” to run against that Louisiana senator whose past isn’t so clean, David Vitter?

Well, it seems someone has been found who meets this ad checklist. Her name? Stormy. Porn star Stormy Daniels.
Source: www.politico.com

Life is stranger than fiction.

A Storm that’s gonna sweep Louisiana clean of corrupt politicians once and for all! And that Storm’s name is Stormy. Stormy Daniels.

Honesty, passion and strength of character. These are the traits Louisiana needs in a Senator at this crucial time. And honesty, passion and strength is what is this Storm is all about.

A champion of entrepreneurism, a fighter for decency and the embodiment of pure libertarianism, Stormy Daniels will be a tireless champion for the forthright values of common sense and do-it-yourself individualism!

So if you believe as we do that it’s time to clean up Louisiana once and for all, take a moment to Join the Storm! Sign the DraftStormy petition right now and receive regular DraftStormy updates and special DraftStormy announcements!

See her website here: draftstormy.com.

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12 thoughts on “Pour me a tall draft of Stormy

  1. Louisiana politics have always been as dirty as, say, Illinois. Or maybe Alaska. Or California, Arizona, New York, Connecticut, and… oh never mind. I’d vote for her.

  2. As citizen of the Bayou State, I’ll cast my lot for Stormy in a heartbeat. There’s hope for us yet!

  3. …babe’s got my vote, right off the bat & i don’t live in louisiana & i’ve never seen her oeuvre…

    …what’s up w/ that, gnomer ???…this is drunkcyclist, after all…

    …research, research, research !!!…presentation, presentation, presentation !!!…

    …just hopin’…

  4. el jefe, I have probably forgotten more about the Queen’s English than you are ever likely to know.

  5. Maybe one of these will do?

    It’s not really out of Camp Palin, but…




    (…someday, I’ll learn html. I swear you were using an editor for dummies for a couple of weeks, a while back. Then there were a few complaints about it and it went away…. Talk to me about stats, R, or ecology, but for html I’m teh stupid….)