Damn, I’m getting old & link dump shit

Gnome already posted this pic a few days ago, but damn if I won’t do it again for ya’ll. Happy Friday and all that noise. I pretty much have no memory of any of 2002. I blame it on the hooch. Still love that sticker though. Some things never change.

From: Sadcow
Che’s on 4th. We put it there circa 2002-ish (if I had to guess)


Dude. Bring it like Chuck Norris.

Link dumps via His Gayness:
Caption this one: www.dlisted.com
What the fuck: www.cakefarts.com

I love that kid. Do make sure to check out www.cakefarts.com with the speakers on. It’s a full experience video.

I’ve no idea what kind of mind comes up with shit like that. But I know what kind of person laughs at it.


From: KHSDoug
Now that we know how Representative Patrick McHenry of the 10 district of North Carolina feels about the bicycle and its place in our society, This nitwit has to go.. See here. drunkcyclist.com/2009/01/28/we-dont-need-no-stinkn-bicycles.

On the Tonight Show David Letterman refers to this guy as “Representative Patrick McDouchebag”.

He also holds the esteemed “Worst Person in the World” Awarded by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC.

For even better insight who this Politicians close contacts are/were, see here… downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/…wholl-be-next-republican-hypocrite

How do these people get elected??

If this info could make it to the cycling public in this guys district it will be a good step to help clean up congress.

All that and he’s down with gay escorts?

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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23 thoughts on “Damn, I’m getting old & link dump shit

  1. I really don’t understand how you people can watch Olberman and call Fox News biased.


  2. By “you people”, I men people who watch Olbermann and then criticize Fox News for being biased. I can’t imagine how one could make it any clearer.

  3. Dave,
    Of course Keith Olbermann is biased. But do keep in mind that he is one man on one show saying things that are completely slanted to his own viewpoint. Fox News, on the other hand, is an entire network that takes its talking points directly from the RNC while simultaneously claiming to be “fair and balanced”. It is not the same thing, not by a long shot.

    Fox is nothing but a mouth piece for the company line. I don’t think anyone owns Olbermann. I could be wrong, of course, but I don’t see him “carrying the water” for anyone else.

    We’ll see how it plays out over the first few years of the Obama administration. My money says Olbermann slams Dems for misdeeds (of which there have been several) and Fox keeps doing exactly as they have been for the last eight miserable years.

  4. Yeah, Jonny, MSNBC is totally objective. With Herr Olbermann, Chris (I get a tingly feeling from Obama) Matthews and that Obama propagandist cunt Rachel Maddow, how could they not be? We’ll see how things stand two years from now.

    And even if they are RNC talking points, (not conceding for a minute that they are unless you have something beyond your own bias to back the statement), that don’t mean they’re wrong. I thought The Annointed One wanted his followers to putpartisanship aside. Only when it serves his purpose, I guess. Fucking lawyers.

  5. Dave,
    Yeah, I didn’t consider Maddow. Ok, MSNBC is just as biased, just on the other side of the spectrum? Does that work? I’m going to sit here and try to claim anything else.

    But riddle me this, are we talking about Olbermann, MSNBC or Obama? All of the above? I wrote in response to your statement: “I me[a]n people who watch Olbermann and then criticize Fox News for being biased.” It was you who compared Olbermann to Fox News. If we’re going to talk about MSNBC v. Fox, well, yeah. See above.

    And who is more “anointed”, really, when you think about it, Obama, who made his stones himself or a guy like Bush who rode his father’s coattails his entire fucking life before working like hell to one-up his old man in Iraq?

    As for the Fox/RNC connect, just google it. There are a thousands of websites where you can read about it.

    See this vid with McClellan (re: what they were doing in the Whitehouse): http://crooksandliars.com/2008/07/25/mcclellan-white-house-gave-fox-commentators-talking-points/

  6. “(J)ust Google it.” Classic response from one who don’t know dick. But whatever; it’s you blog. Just remember-Your side controlls the House, the Senate and the White House. Probably the Supreme Court within the next couple years. Sooner or later you people will have to quit blaming Bush and cowboy up.

  7. Oh yeah, and as to the annointed one-Wonder how the election would have turned out without all the help from the liberal media? Not to mention His Holiness welched on his agreement concerning campaign funding.

  8. No dave, you’re just too lazy to do a little research. You might have to change your tune. The “liberal media” is a myth perpetuated by the right since the days of Reagan (well, Nixon really) to get the Fairness Doctrine repealed. Equal time wasn’t enough for the Republicans. If you look at air time right now, MSNBC is the ONLY network that has more Democrats on than Republicans (both in numbers and air time). All the others are heavily skewed to giving the Republicans more air time. Two hosts on MSNBC do not make up for bias of Fox (that was the original comparison), let alone all the other networks.

    I have never said I wanted to put partisanship aside, and Obama is bound to disappoint me because he won’t go after the goat-fuckers who drove our country into the ditch. As far as I’m concerned the right should be drawn and quartered for the damage they’ve done to this country. I don’t expect you to ever let go of your myopic viewpoint. You’ve got right-wing Stockholm Syndrome. You bought the lies back in the 80’s, and you won’t let go, because it means having to work your brain, which I imagine is about the size of a walnut from atrophy. Well good luck with that. It’s all going to hell, and none of us are going to be free from the pinch. I think you and the rest of the right should be the first to give up any benefit from roads, police protection, fire protection, science, health care. That would save us a lot of money, since none of y’all want to pay for them anyways.

  9. If Reagan said there’s a liberal media, that’s all I need to know. And why should I do any research? You’re the one trying to prove the point. You should provide the facts to back it up. You know, facts. Present them and trust the American peoples’ common sense.

  10. Sorry, Gnome. I’m no more a fan of Tailgunner Joe than you are. Nice job with the ad hominems though. Classic textbook liberal maneuver.

  11. Jonny, at least Bush’s natural born American citizenship was never in question. And his dad did stick around to raise him. You’d have to be a particularly mean-spirited individual to disparage that. Some parenting issues of your own, perhaps?

  12. Oh, and el jefe-When I see conservative commentary on NPR I’ll stop calling out the “fairness” doctrine for being straight up left wing censorship.

  13. Dave,
    I linked a video of Scott McClellan admitting he, and others in the Whitehouse, fed Fox News talking points. What could I have put up that offered more support? That is pretty damning in and of itself. You can, if you feel like it, find a lot more with a simple google search.

  14. Talk about hero worship. dave, you are hopeless. You wouldn’t believe anything unless it came from Fox. You aren’t going to accept any facts I present and you won’t supply your own, so why bother trying. You should try reading. It’s a handy skill. I actually feel sorry for you. You hold on so tight to a world view that has been thoroughly discredited. It’s pitiful. You are a sad, angry, hate-filled old man. You have nothing constructive to say. I’m done with you. I hope you get help.

  15. Dave, your words are like daggers in my soul. this is the last time I comment on this site. Bye Bye DC! this site sucks!

  16. No Gnome don’t go! This is the same diatribe crap that eventually got Dave booted from Dirt Rag. He doesn’t like that someone holds an opinion different from him, so he goes full blast without listening or reading (as it may be in this case). Duh, Olberman is biased and Mathews was shooting his load election night. But, Dave never steps back and questions those for whom he espouses. He walks blindingly adhered to one ideal world. Overall, my experience is that Dave can be a decent and funny guy, but he shits it all up by having to play in politics. He is a hard working guy, good hubby and dad. He is like a lot of us. In that we say stupid shit and make asses out of ourselves from time to time. That said I met the cutest girl tonight who was wearing a Drunk Cyclist stocking cap while dancing to some rip ass bluegrass!!

  17. Jeeze, it’s politics, duh. Take that shit seriously and you’ll end up in a home. Having said that…




  18. Finally, Dave found a place to get the attention his daddy wouldn’t give him. Congrats, Dave! Oh shit, I just bought into it also! Man, that Dave’s good.