One of the two best things to ever happen to DC!


Reasons to get up in the morning
Reasons to get up in the morning
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12 thoughts on “One of the two best things to ever happen to DC!

  1. Are the girls you post on this site gettin younger or am I gettin older?

    Good for you, bring her up right.

  2. As good as it is now for you, it keeps getting better.

    I have 2 girls 16 and 12.

    Although you will ride less and less; but there is no better time spent than watching your child develop in life and the activities they choose. Even if it means you gotta drive them around all weekend while you get fat

    just sayn.

  3. i got to kids myself, twins they are… fuckers want to get a post secondary education. better get a trade i tell them, so they can earn some coin and help out with the tution, transit, rent, comp, and books.

  4. that picture looks just like my daughter did some years ago. now both kids are cruising through school, playing sports, costing more money. as my oldest plays softball now 10 months out of the year i’m amazed at her intensity and competitiveness. at 11 she looks like she’s 15 and will kick your ass. get ready to ride a bit less but that time is replaced with other great things.

  5. I have a daughter, in 3 days she’ll be a year, she’s been walking for a month.

    Whenever she hears music, she immediately drops what she is doing and uncontrollably dance…..sometimes she’s holding onto to the lamp post. I’m fucked.

  6. dating the coolest chick ever w/ a 5yo boy and loving every minute of it. His father is absent so i get to do things like take him outside to see the ISS fly overhead, kick the soccer ball, thumb wrestle. then i get to tell him all that pizza he ate is gonna make a big poop and laugh when he tells everyone else!

    there’s a lot of good single mothers out there w/ kids who have dumbass fathers.


  7. …. and we were dancing to the Frizzly Fry this morning getting him ready for school… yeah, the kids hip to it.

  8. Mitch – I’m glad you’re able to experience the joy of spending time with a kid, i really am. Your comment regarding lots of single moms out there, etc, is kind of off the mark. focus on what a fun kid that is. there are also lots of fathers out there with children whose mothers play “single” and in reality would die to spend more time with their kids. For real, though, i’m glad you’re posting up as a positive influence on a young mind and heart.