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  1. Bullshit. You are free to live a good life and succeed. Or not. Sadly, The Annointed One wants to Socialize our society; to punish those who produce and to reward those who do not. “From each, according to his ability. To each, according to his need.” Sounds all hunky-dory, don’t it? Well maybe I’ll get on the grtavy train myself. Quit doing kickass commercial electrical work and take the gubmint handout. Nah, can’t do that. I’ll just keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to raise the bar abit every day. What else are guys like me gonna do? Someone has to do it; might as well be me, at least for awhile.

    See, Robert Riech, that fugly-assed dwarf that worked for Slick Willy as Secretary of Somethingorother said the work should not be done by “skilled white males”. Last I checked, I’m male. Family history indicates I am white. And I’ve fiece mad skills in the commercial electrical trade. Meh, when they bring in the Australian Aborigine lesbians or tever to do my job, maybe then I grab onto the gubmint tittie.

    Or head for the mountains and go all Jeremiah Johnson. Yeah, I could do that.

  2. how ’bout a little Old Spice under that right wing? you stink, and you’re whining more than all the liberals on this site combined today.

    whatever, i’m just talking shit. the raddest thing about that picture is the amount of space that graffito takes up. the hand style’s not the best, but it’s legible. a proper defacement, indeed. cha-click-cluck.

    better make that Right Guard.

  3. Sorry, snake hawk; forgot where I was. You all on The Left (TM) are all about protecting freedom of speech, as long as it’s your own.

    It’s gonna be a long four years.

  4. It was a long eight, jackass. Say whatever you want, just don’t expect anyone to like it. You still won’t say whether you were happy with the previous administration. If you are going to be all high and mighty, “conservatives are the only ones who work, and libruls suck”, then fucking own it and embrace the evil that was bushco. You’re nothing but a fucking hypocrite loser.

  5. Can you two stop flirting about politics and admire the graffiti please? I’m not sending my ‘nids’ to school though, they can bloody walk there themselves.
    And it should have a full stop at the end. Like this.

  6. There are billions of people on this planet that don’t have basic freedom of information – they can’t even read the crap we write on this website. “Free” is all relative. I’m free to take care of my family. I’m free to earn a living. I’m free to pay my mortgage. I’m free to follow the laws and expectations of society. I’m free to choose not to and sit my ass in jail instead. I’m free to participate equally in the election process, and I’m free to bitch and moan if I don’t like the result, even if it’s the scumbag politician I helped elect. I’m free to go to church and I’m free not to. I’m free to enjoy a handcrafted beer and ride my bike – even at the same time in most locales. Freedom is the right to make individual choices, and society’s collective freedom to impose consequences. Freedom rules.

  7. Dear Dave,

    i didn’t say a thing about freedom of speech. freedom of speech is everybody’s. not just “ours” or “yours.” your right to say dumb shit is in no way threatened on this here parade of idiots. i’ll keep saying dumb shit, too. relax a little bit, muchacho. you can say whatever you want here.


    ps – there’s a piece of corn stuck in your tooth.

  8. el jefe, no need for the namecalling. And you’re right, it was along eight years. Go ride a bike or something. You do have a bike, don’t you?

    By the way, stellar job exercizing your First Amendment rights. Breeding and education will always win the day.

  9. Shhhh. Don’t tell everyone. If everyone bucked the trend and lived their own life then who would keep the electricity flowing or farm me some food or build me a new bike? Those that understand what lemmings people are should just keep their mouths shut and let people be because I’m certainly not going to do their job. Besides, it’s not a bad way to spend their years.

  10. I am scared that the groups of people beneath me will enter into my tax bracket therefore I hate democrats; especially black Democrats.

    I want My government to tax us and spend our tax dollars on anything and anyone but Americans in America.