Oh, Snap.

Ever since Jonny started using the VO5 up in his Monchhichi lid, shit just ain’t been the same down at the swap meet. He’s been keeping game tight and to the curb. He’s even leaked a couple prototype models of his muffin-top-enhancing denims. Fixie kids will be frontin’ muffins faster than you can roll a bandana.


Fool’s been claiming muffin tops left and right. His pimp hand weighs a ton.

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About Snake Hawk

good, bad, funny, sad, stupid, rad, has, had. non-joining funhaver from coast to coast(er brake). buster of the chops, drawer of the logos. North Carolina, USA

13 thoughts on “Oh, Snap.

  1. I saw a quite a few muffin top sportin tight jean BMX types at the skatepark a few years back. Fat boys in little girls jeans. I am positive they bitch when chicks have muffin tops, but they must feel theirs were acceptable.

  2. Did she get that tatoo from the place doing them out of the back of the old U-Haul truck at the swap meet? They throw out there needles after every 12th use.

  3. Is this snakes momma? Did Jonny hit that and leave his tag? I bet she’s got the Gnomes digits in that phone too!

  4. rull them down a bit and it says CASH

    I’d eat it

    but she is a bit on the plump side dont you think.

  5. That looks like a “livewrong” braclett on her right wrist. Further proof our fearless leader was there. I’ve only heard of the legend of “BangBike”, but this picture lends to it being true.