Jose Rincon’s killer to be sentenced Tuesday

From: Erik
All —

Glenda Rumsey will be sentenced this coming Tuesday at 1:30 PM in the Board of Supervisor’s room at 130 W. Congress in downtown Tucson. Most of you know that she was driving with a blood alcohol content of .249 when she hit 14 year-old Jose Rincon, killing him and injuring his friend. Rincon and his friend were riding their bicycles far off the shoulder on Broadway Ave.

The Rincon family has made a crusade not of demonizing Rumsey but of highlighting the loss that can come from drunk driving. They have asked people to come to Ms. Rumsey’s sentencing.

I think BICAS employees should strongly consider attending, and I would personally favor closing BICAS for the hour or so the hearing will occur. But that’s the collective’s call.

You can read some materials about this at


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2 thoughts on “Jose Rincon’s killer to be sentenced Tuesday

  1. Remember Darell, Kelly and Dana? The folks who posted here supporting a Drunk Driver who killed a cyclist(in MN I think) and tried to demonize this site and the dead cyclist?

    Props to the parents here for focusing on the Process and Not the Person. The message will reach a larger group

    This is the most positive thing I have read on here in years.

    Nice Post

  2. …i hope the best for the rincon family for the future…

    …maybe in their place, i would also bow to the inevitable & take their stance…but i don’t know that i would have the fortitude to adopt that kind of attitude…

    …as butthead sez, this is extremely positive…

    …that being said, i remember this case particularly well because numerous friends of the driver jumped to her defense because “she is a good person” basically ignoring the fact that her extreme lapse of judgment {a point 249 blood alcohol content is excessively drunk or a sign of severe alcoholism if you have the temerity think that that much alcohol in your system doesn’t drastically impair your functions}, cost a young man his life & a family their dreams…as well as her own…

    …i’m not vilifying the driver at this point but i do hope the judge has the courage & vision to make others realize that such a simple yet stupid act of recklessness can have far reaching consequences…