Bummer Life: Avoided

Sitting at my desk, acting busy with papers strewn about and interrupting boredom with emails and web surfing, I saw this and this. Gawd Damn, now that’s deep! Now don’t get me wrong but I’m growing a little tired of this 80 degree weather bullshit. I need snow! Not some type of Belgian disco tech sitting up in VIP skiing with Boonen but that light fluffy Utah champagne. Yeah’now!

Beggers can’t be choosers, and in this case I was desperate. Usually skiing in AZ is characterized by fruit-booters, levi clad, Starter jacket wearing ass-hats. Rumor was that 18 inches of fresh was waiting with no crowds…I’ll bite. It was Tuesday and I decided to ditch work. No email, no courtesy phone call. I ain’t coming in.



Take note of the empty chair. Funny thing was, most of these lines are mine. No one skis the trees at this place, so I was in happier than a pig in shit when I found knee to mid-thigh deep untracked pow. Definately avoided the bummer life this day. I didn’t even have to use mah AK, damn it was a good day!

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Another cyclist toiling away in graduate school. Go figure. Tucson, Arizona, USA

16 thoughts on “Bummer Life: Avoided

  1. You lucky lucky man. Supposed to get 4-8 inches of fresh Chicagoland powder here…which means I COULD go to the nearest ski bump in Wisconsin and enjoy all 300 feet of vertical it offers. :(
    Instead I’ll be clawing my way to Michigan for some snowmobiling…and just wishing I was boarding.

  2. The Colonel hates snow with a passion bordering on a straight jacket.

    Any pixs of Florida, Bahamas, Tahiti, Guam, what ever ?

    Bikini babes in the shot work for me, in case ya didn’t know.

  3. I wouldn’t claim most of those lines dude. You should have said all the mad skill lines are mine. Jus’ say’n

  4. Dude, why you wastin’ turns at Snowbird (turd)? WTF? Was the Alta parking lot too far for your minivan? At least there’s a Taco Bell at SnowTurd. And still, wherever those cheezy spagetti lines may be, it is not that cool. Just sayin… such shizzle shouldn’t warrant an independent post.

  5. But, Hostile, baby, he’s got full security clearance. He can pretty much post whatever he wants. And aren’t Snowbird and Alta right next to each other in the little cottonwood canyon, or whatever they call that place? I heard a lift ticket for one was honored by the other because people cross over the arbitrary boundary between resorts.

  6. Apples to Oranges, but without security clearance I guess my opinons are diluted. Just sayin… At least he didn’t have to use his AK, it was a good day.

  7. I was in Chicago the other day after a rain. Some little black kids were standing on a piece of cardboard and riding it down a frozen sewer pipe. NOW THAT’S old school boys, lest we not forget.

  8. By way thanks for this site. Now I only hold a gun to my head once a week. Baby steps. You understand.

  9. jeez hostilelocalyocal, why the panties in a bunch? all that 3.2% beer has gone to yer head? can’t find a sponsor?

  10. well the original posting was a bit misleading and to be sure, the cool kids go to Colorado, not utard.

  11. Trees are the only that were there to ski,,,some great shit right of the top cat track.. Good job on the avoidance of the bummer, Looks like shit ton of fun..