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22 thoughts on “My Carrera weighs a ton.

  1. I was all over two machines trying to nail down pics of those pants. And I mean “nail down” like a man. Like a viking.

    Anyway, shit is off the hook. Full on Carerra fake-demin lycra. With the fake pockets. Totally crazy. He’s actually riden laps at the Old Pueblo in them. With a mustache.

    Don’t ever change…

  2. …ain’t (cycling) life grand ???…

    …thought i should “clean up my act”…so i went out & bought an acqua & sapone team top…now i ride fresh & clean…

    …& my cycling gear rule is:– only second tier team stuff & ya have ta mix tops & bottoms…no integrated outfits…that would be, well, you know…

  3. “don’t get it twisted, kernel. i’m in the cackalack beating off the straights with a severed down tube.”


    I understood ‘down tube’.

    The rest was Crackinese to me.

  4. Snakehawkenese:

    The cackalack refers to south and/or north carolina. He suggested you not twist it, by thinking he’s west coast bagage. Not the case. He’s east cost bike fag as it stands.

    Snake Hawks are the most complex & dangerous of predators.

  5. It was only about 3 years ago I saw a guy in a bar wearing authentic acid wash jeans, self-inflicted holes and all. This was in back swamp south cackalacky, so I would venture mr. hawk is safe at home with those legs.

    Nice indeed!

  6. Damn. “Cackalack” is a new one to me and I’ve been here 30+ years. Guess I need to get out of Charlotte more often.

  7. further proof that the cycling aesthetic is a unique one.
    Look ‘purty don’t cut it.
    absolute functionalism.

  8. The tights are so overwhelming I didn’t even get a chance to mention the neon green, tiger striped headband wrapped mid-thigh full on Chachi style.

    It’s a feast for the eyes, ain’t it?

  9. …i’ll be honest w/ ya…the real capper is just that, the bloody helmet…wtf is that about…

  10. I’m about the wrist sweat bands and the shades. Is that a Rossignol Rooster on the blood bucket? Or just a huge road kill bug?

  11. A shot clocker in a pair of blue blockers
    midwestern plains and maybe a brother wayans
    acid janes, champagne, and mescaline