Bake Sale

With every intention of taking the Mrs. out for a mtb ride yesterday, the weather wasn’t having it. So, what to do but surf the web and read some news. Never hurts to learn, right? What’s been killing me lately is the lack of anything viable, or nary a feel-good story. Killings here, bombings there, capitalist market scandals and bike teams folding quicker than an cheap suitcase. Shit, even the state I live in has gone FUBAR.

I’ve got my eyes on one last present under the tree but I have to wait like everyone else until the 20th to open that bitch up. Can’t I just have my present now? I’m not saying this is going to be the great hope, but it’s better than what we’ve got right now. Right?

Seeing as the market’s taking a nose dive and businesses are closing their doors, I’m unsure what the future holds. I work for a bankrupt company and the money’s not lasting forever. I thought I’d never see the day that I’d have to subsidize one job with a second job. WTF to do? Wait tables, serve drinks, turn a wrench or start racing again? I know a stale box of Power Bars and some shitty-ass Prime money won’t do me justice. Maybe I’ll just slang dope…
Nah, I can’t compete with these fuggers.

Maybe I’ll just have a bake sale instead…


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Another cyclist toiling away in graduate school. Go figure. Tucson, Arizona, USA

12 thoughts on “Bake Sale

  1. I’ll bring da hash brownies.

    Hey BJ…..upgrade to Lightbox ver 2. Wanted to save that image and nada.

    Version 2 makes the popup images savable and closes with just a click.

    Check out for a sample.

  2. That’s a Gnome’s work. Big Jonny is the KODC.

    Howie’s can of whoop ass has v2? Damn… er uh, you could always just save the one on the page before it pops out…

    Whadeva. I’ll put it on honey do list.

  3. “er uh, you could always just save the one on the page before it pops out…”

    Yea. In this case that works. But normally popup images are larger.

    Plus the “click any where to close” aspect is cool.

    DC wants that eh ?

    Or are we all too fucking old to be cool ??

    Don’t answer that.

  4. …mmmm, yum, yum…i like licking the icing off the cupcakes before i eat ’em…

    …& flodizzle…as regards fubar ???…look to the west & act accordingly…california is supposed to flatline even sooner…

    …i’m sure ‘arnold’ will lead us into being a shining example…one way or the other…

  5. …pirata…that is a “feelgood” story…

    …almost seems hokey but it shows one hell of a lotta heart & understanding…& it’ll probably be remembered by both sides for a long time…

  6. “Cups and cakes
    Cups and cakes
    Oh what good things mother makes
    You’ve got to take tea won’t you take it with me
    What a gay time it will be”

    From Cups and Cakes by Spinal Tap

  7. pirata..good one there…

    Now pass me one o dem cupcakes I’s hungry for some good eatin.