Hangover Helper

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Being ever so scientific minded and having been presented over the years with a number of “sure-fire” hangover cures, I thought it was high time to cut through the crap and do a little scientific research. Put it to rest once-and-for-all, as it were.

While there are any number of fixes for the brown-bottle flu, one of my personal favorites is the “hair-of-the-dog” method. This time tested remedy dates back to the invention of the hangover itself, but for me personally dates back to my astonishment in high school as I observed Chris “2 Hits of Blotter = a Little Mental Housecleaning” Rademacher reaching for the Cuervo the morning after another big party at Moody’s house. For most mortals that would be a sure fire recipe for a violent and immediate un-swallowing, but WheelMaker seemed to be able to stomach it just fine. Maybe that’s why his legend is writ so big.

We could use up oh-so-much space here, but rather than blather on about activated charcoal and scalp stimulation (“Pull your hair in clumps so that your full scalp is stimulated. This remedy brings blood to the scalp and relieves the headache”), I am going to talk about just one method; the Fluid method.

This recovery product, formulated from the highest quality ingredients available to the modern drinker, has everything you need to bounce back strong and hit the town again.

Vitamin C? Check.Protein? Got it covered. (“Protein’s really good when you have a hangover, because protein is broken down into amino acids in your body..”) L-Glutamine? Gram for gram more L-Glutamine than anything out there.

Nutrition info from Fluid Recovery products label.

Want more proof? Here is Jesse B. the IT guy from www.livefluid.com at El Tour (fuck yeah) doing a little field testing…(Rich “Shotgun” Smith, one of the creators of Fluid in background)


Here they are 6 hours later


And how did they fare after consuming Fluid? Need you ask?

Here’s Shotgun the next morning on the way to getting coffee.


No don’t worry — it’s not you. Superman always WAS kind of gay.

Anyway…why else would the Fluid Car bear a DC logo? Big Jonny – sponsoring Field Testing in the name of Science, that’s why…


But back to real science. A quick review of the literature supports one inescapable fact:

“The only complete cure for a hangover is time.”

Yeah. You just fucking suffer…until it’s time to start drinking again.

Oh, and Fluid works great as recovery after a ride as well.

Whats left to say but…Cheers.

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10 Replies to “Hangover Helper”

  1. holy shameless promomotion!
    cytomax, heed, recoverite, cliff shot and some water…any of that shit works. get your blood sugar back up, but some water in you and go ride
    and yes i am drunk right now
    fuck you for judging me


  2. Fuck that science. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, more effective than a good Bloody Mary and a carefully crafted chorizo burrito. And a nap. The nap’s important.

  3. That bloody mary thing sounds sooo sooo tastey but that usually leads to another bloody mary… I’m doing a little field research this morning with Fluid myself and I make an indifferent bloody mary at best.

  4. No really, this is not BS. I’m not sure what the science is… but this stuff really works man. A double serving of Fluid after a long night, wait 30 minutes then dive into some greasy cheezy something… then I’m up and ready to rock. Don’t trust my drunk ass… try this shit for yourself. You’ll thank me later…. Also, I’ve met these fluid dudes… and they are damn fine people. It’s a win win.

  5. I’ve knocked back a few with the fluid guys on numerous occasions, and simply put, they know how to live large…

    If Fluid wasn’t so great after workouts, I’d swear it was developed expressly for hangovers…whatever the true intnetions may have been…great job Dave and Rich!