We are the world…

no, wait…. we HATE the world.

Approved by a vote of 177 in favour to 1 against (United States), with 2 abstentions (Canada and Israel),the resolution on the right to development would have the Assembly call on the Council to continue to ensure that its agenda promotes and advances sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals and to lead to raising the right to development as set out in the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, to the same level and on a par with all other human rights and fundamental freedoms (Annex IV).

Go ahead and scroll down to the bottom and see what the FINAL count was.

Yeah… everyone loves us, right?
Food not Bombs. Doesn’t sound so bad, when you look at the numbers. (Yeah, it’s 10 years old… so fucking what? We had the dough back then to spend… Now? Not so much…)

The 2005 U.S. military budget is almost as much as the rest of the world’s defense spending combined [5] and is over eight times larger than the official military budget of China. (Note that this comparison is done in nominal value US dollars and thus is adjusted for purchasing power parity.) The United States and its close allies are responsible for about two-thirds of the world’s military spending (of which, in turn, the U.S. is responsible for the majority). In 2007, US military spending was above 1/4 of combined industrial and agricultural production in the USA.

Or for those of you too lazy to read, or too busy to watch Faux News… Here’s a pretty picture.

Lookie here...

In other news… how is our spending that much helping us win that ‘war on terrah…”? Oh yeah… Mission Accomplished in 2003. See you dirty fucking hippies??? We FUCKING WON BACK IN 2003.

Mission Accomplished.

Nice to see we are on the right track still. Hug your kids and enjoy your warm dinner… one of these days it might be your last.

—bp. Putting the ‘laugh’ in Manslaughter since forever.

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3 thoughts on “We are the world…

  1. The vast majority of the 52% are either:

    1-Not our friends


    2-Could give a shit if we were wiped off the face of the Earth.

    48%? Damn, I’d like to see us spend alittle more.