Backyard jam

This isn’t exactly recent. I’ve been busy. Sue me.

From: C.D.
This is my little bros back yard in CO. I have sent you pics like this before but things are improving.…25446025&albumId=2286112…67469988&albumId=2408916

No I am not in the pics. I am a roadie fool.

These people are crazy and surprisingly no one fucks with the yard when they go out. Poaching is prevented with the gate closed. They can’t get to speed etc…

Looks like a party

Mad Love to Superco frames people

Holy shit. Kids get it done.

I got a text message on my phone from Bacardi Marty twenty minutes ago. It’s a photo of him with a beer. I love that man.

And I mean that in the gayest way possible.

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One thought on “Backyard jam

  1. Well I missed this post

    Well all I can say is that I tought my little brother by 8 years everything he knows. And he passed me up.

    Allow me to suggest that when I have that many guys in my back yard they are cutting the grass.

    I love you man