I digress…

Now, normally I would be in here writing about something cycling related, or drinking related, or politics, or maybe all 3 at once (some have told me to stick to one subject, but sort of like the title above, I digress). I’m going to veer of the singletrack here for a minute. Being that the wife and I are going to be in Maine for Christmas this year, we decided to open our Christmas gifts from her family last night, mostly because they were at our house, and because neither of us has any patience to wait, and lastly because our 2 dogs “unwrapped” most of our gifts for us already, as in, at the paper off of the presents. 


THE knives hanging on the wall...
THE knives hanging on the wall...

Look, here’s the thing. Even if you cook at the house, just a little bit, do yourself a favor, and get a really good chef’s knife. Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about sharp objects in your household. Sure, if you have a significant other that might be on the side of lunatic fringe, maybe it’s not a good idea, but if you have a stable relationship, or if you’re not currently living with someone else either of the opposite sex, or same sex, and you can trust them around sharp instruments, get yourself a really nice knife. First, for the most part, whatever nice knife you get, is most likely going to last a lifetime, because most of us will never fully use it to its potential anyway. Why do I bring this up? Well, this summer for my birthday, the wife bought me a Ken Onion Shun 6″ chef’s knife. That thing is beautiful. It’s razor sharp, has folded metal (like Damascus steel), and well, it’s just stunning if you’re into such things, and I am, so there. Which leads me to yesterday. My in-laws in there infinite wisdom bought me an 8″ Shun, followed by the 4″ Shun, and the wife got me the Shun paring knife. I have, almost a full set. Oh, and they got me the Shun steel to go with the rest of the set. Now, I’m not a person to have too much “stuff” and normally I wouldn’t splurge on something like these knives for myself, I’m what they call, a bit of a tightwad, unless we’re talking about bikes (yeah, I’m in the Pinarello owner’s club), and the wife. I love to spend money on those 2 things. Myself? Not so much. Clothes? Forget about it. Cars? Driving the same one for almost 5 years now and absolutely thrilled about it. Shoes? Only cycling shoes. Anyway, check out the picture attached, I think you’ll mostly agree that these things are freakin’ top notch, and downright sexy. Yeah, that’s right, I said sexy. We’ve got a set of Henckel knives that the wife had from the time before I met her, and those are some nice knives, but the Ken Onion’s make them look pathetic when they’re next to each other.

Oh, and the other thing I think that all cyclists should have? An electric griddle. Why? Think about the fried meats you can make on this thing. MOUNDS of bacon. HEAPS of sausage. TONS o’ pancakes. I’m not sure what I did before owning this stunning little piece of 1940’s technology. Well, I know what I did. I cooked breakfast items in small frying pans, and it took forever to cook and entire breakfast. If you don’t have one, run out, get one, and use it today, or tomorrow. You won’t regret that decision. 

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m off to see the in-laws in a few minutes, which is always a good time. No, really, it IS a good time.

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17 thoughts on “I digress…

  1. I’ll second the recommendation for good knives and add a good santoku. Thin blade for thin slicing. I’m barely getting a set of Henckels together, so I haven’t splurged on the Shun’s yet. They are sexy. There is no such thing as too much stainless steel…

  2. Had planned on buying a set for my wife for xmas…. was actually planning on buying a set today. Not sure which brand I’m going to get. As for knives, after watching years of Yan Can Cook, I’ve always been partial to a cleaver for all around use.

  3. Some of us should not be around sharp objects, they don’t even allow us a pencil here at this institution. But I find I can write my psychotic ramblings just fine typing on a computer or using a crayon. Just to warn you, I was a happy well adjusted productive member of society until I simultaneously started reading DC and riding cyclocross. Gotta go, time for my meds…

  4. nice Knives, beat the heck out my Chicago Cutlery set….
    And I love my electric griddle, for pancake for the kids and stuff but.
    I find the best way to cook bacon is in the Oven. Around 400, lay your swine out on a baking sheet, and leave it in there until it’s done to your liking. No fliping, no splattering, no BS.
    That’s how they roll in the restaurants, works just as well at home.

  5. Nice knives are to shit knives as nice bikes are to shit bikes.

    \just realized I’m probably a better cook than I am a climber any more

  6. John,
    I think that may be the progression we all go through…

    Yeah, just like a Huffy is a bicycle shaped object, those Faberware eversharp knives are knife shaped objects. Good for little more than causing really nasty cuts.

    I don’t know about the electric griddle, but well cured cast iron is the shit. Keep ’em cured with bacon fat. Keep soap far away from ’em. Don’t soak ’em. It will last you longer than any non-stick pan you will ever buy.

    Good call on the cleaver…

  7. Roger beep on the kitchen hardware. Never cheap out on that stuff. Food gives you energy to ride. What, you’re gonna buy the stuff at WAL*MART?

    I’ve an ice crusher that was my grandmother’s.Got afew of her other kitchen tools too. Stuff is older than me and it will nevr wear out. And if you cook even the least little bit, an electric griddle should be in the quiver. And a couple of seasoned cast iron skillets. El jefe is right about that. Break ’em in right and they’ll last forever. Those and a good stockpot; you’re set.

    Oh, and bottle openers. Klein tools makes a dandy. It’s just like the electrician tools I use at work. My great grandkids will probably be popping tops with it. Set your kitchen up proper and you’ll only have to do it once.

    Good kitchen hardware. That shit makes life worth living.

  8. Since it’s domestic day here at DC I’ll add that what’s good for your cast iron skillets is good for your wok, and there isn’t a non-stick coating out there that won’t end up in your food if you cook over sufficiently high heat. +1 on the cleaver btw; if I could only have one cutting tool in the kitchen that would be it. Even the ugly cheap-ass ones you find in Oriental groceries will hold an edge if you do your part, but the nice ones are simply awe-inspiring-like a razor that weighs the better part of a pound. If you’re into nice tools you should own one even if you can’t boil a pot of water.

  9. does anyone else find the bmx big air noise incredibly annoying when entering this fine site of dcdotcom? could the web-doctors do this brother a favor and please cut that noise-shit out?

    muchas gracias.

  10. Just for clarification, I do own a cleaver. Someone got us one for our wedding, and it has been used a lot.

    We also were able to abscond with a cast iron frying pan (16″ diameter) from my parents that is the blackest black I’ve ever seen. It was my great great grandmother’s, and my great grandfather used it to cook at lumberjack camps during the log runs down the rivers in Maine back before, well, there were very good roads. That thing is the best. It has probably never been washed, ever. Throw some eggs, leftover mashed potatoes, onions, some sort of meat into that thing, crank it on high, and wait for about, oh, 10 minutes, flip, wait 10 minutes, and enjoy the best breakfast mess you’ve ever had.

    We also just acquired a cast iron enameled dutch oven that I’m psyched about.

  11. All we got is Chicago, but I tell you what, the wife had ’em sharpened at Kramer Knives before he became a rock star. (http://www.kramerknives.com, see the recent New Yorker food issue.) DAMN those knives were scary-sharp when they came back. The wife slices cheese so thin you can read through it. They’ve held an edge 4-evar.

    It was cool, I got Bob Kramer to show me his shop and some of the knives he was making. Customs, multi-thousands each. Damn. Who buys that?? Yeah I know, the guy in front of me in line at Pete’s Wine Shop yesterday, buying the cases of Dom (about $4000 in sparkling French white wine). Think of the bike parts you could buy for that.

  12. I’ve never wanted to cut up some pancakes with a badass knife and a bottle of Log Cabin than I do right now. Cravin that shit a few hours ago and I thought I forgot about it, damn.