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anybody like bikes around here?

of course you do.

And i like my old bike, a bitchin’ black stumpjumper. XTR’d out. in fact, as old parts go, this generation of XTR was hands down the best. big rings, clean lines, good times. Oh, and there’s a 2007 XTR wheelset, Hope Mono Mini’s (160 mm front, 140 mm rear [yeah, i know, i was really race-nerd when i bought those]), and assorted other goodies on it. As bikes go, this was one of my faves. But it’s hard times in the hinterlands, and away she goes. But i want you to go away happy, so i’m including all the spare parts, spokes, spoke wrenches, brake bleed kit, brakeline, spare rotors, etc.

Will someone please provide her with a good home? In time for the holidays!

you can investigate her thoroughly here.

and keep an eye out, all ye singlespeeders: i’ve a one-speed franken-fun-bike that i’ll be moving sometime soon too. i’ll let you know when that hits the market.



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"measures, daily, just how quickly we are destroying our atmosphere. thinks riding bikes might just help this problem. tapes his middle finger to the handlebar (unsuccessfully represses rage). mountainbikes in lycra. Tomac did it. he does it. he's not Tomac." Missoula, Montana, USA