Ride the Ride

img_4464Yes, Kentucky Camp Epic was damn fun. Big thanks go out to Chad and AZE for organizing the event. I suffer from “PRD”, or more commonly known as Post Roadie Disorder. The effects of this┬ádegenerative disease include half-wheeling, wheel sucking, and chasing down riders, to name but a few. So, it was rather difficult to pull back on the reins once we hit the first climb because this day, we were just out to ride the ride. Keepin it real and staying safe were the only objectives.

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Another cyclist toiling away in graduate school. Go figure. Tucson, Arizona, USA

5 thoughts on “Ride the Ride

  1. Wouldn’t you know it. I just sent my whizzonator back for repair (heating element blew). That’s the end of that.

  2. Thanks for the bacon tips. 6×6 weave + cheddar = heaven.

    Nice, but I’ll have to wait for the next trip to the supermarket to get more thick slice bacon. The extra cholesterol is making it a lot easier to spend 8 hours in the freezing rain on my bike. A very, very good friend recently made bacon + chocolate chip ice cream for me. It was better than I can ever explain…

  3. kentucky what? how’s it kentucky camp anything in arizona? i’m offended (and in KY). okay, not offended, but in KY none the less.